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Power Jack Repair Sacramento

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One of the most common laptop problems that we see here at Nerds On Call in Sacramento is the case of the broken power jack. Sometimes it happens via an unlucky fall. Other times it’s because of a hyperactive dog or those meddling kids. Whichever way, it’s no good when your entire laptop is out of commission because of a broken power jack. Often times it’s just the power cord – you can easily test that by borrowing a charger from a friend, if you know someone with the same model. If you don’t know anyone with a plug that matches yours, you can always come down to your Sacramento office and talk with us about it. We’ll be happy to let you know what the problem is – and obviously that won’t cost you anything. If it’s the cord, we can set you on your way with a new one and hopefully that will be the case. If it’s the power jack itself, then you might not be so lucky. Power jacks are built into the laptop itself. All the little wires that go into the jack are built to be durable, but with enough wear and tear, even the toughest electronics can break. We can replace that component and patch it all up so that you can charge your laptop again. Being out of commission is no good – and not being able to turn your computer on is a pretty big deal. Here at Nerds On Call in Sacramento, we want to make sure that you can keep your electronic devices in the best shape possible!

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