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Laptop Hard Drive Repair

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Let’s talk a little bit about hard drives in your laptop. Well, obviously you asked for it if you read the heading. Still though, a little education never hurt anyone. Hard drives in your laptop are quite a bit more finicky than those in your desktop. They’re smaller, spin slower, and have less protection surrounding them. As a result, they’re a lot easier to break. Plus, they’re in a portable container that moves around all the time. That can add a lot of unnecessary stress on your hard drive with all its moving parts. You might accidentally jiggle your laptop or drop it while it’s on and inadvertently damage your hard drive. Chances are it won’t manifest itself immediately, but over time this sort of wear and tear on your laptop hard drive will take its toll. Most of the time you can’t just head down to your Sacramento computer part store and pick out a new hard drive – there’s a lot of complicated work in replacing anything in a laptop. So what do you do if your hard drive in your laptop needs repair? Take it to the Nerds! Here in our Sacramento store, we have all kinds of experience getting ailing laptops and their drives back on their feet.  We can backup data from a failing drive and put it on a new one, or we can even install a special kind of drive called an SSD that eliminates the worry over shaking your computer. If there’s an upgrade or repair to be done, Nerds can take care of it right here in Sacramento! Just give us a call on the phone or click the chat icon below to speak with one of our friendly technicians!

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