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Battery Life Improvements Sacramento

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Has your battery been draining especially rapidly? Are you cursed by having to be plugged into the wall constantly? Sounds like your laptop is in need of battery life optimization. Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento can help you get your laptop back to a long and full life. One of the major causes of low battery life is heat. If you use your laptop on fabric that doesn't breathe, that could be one cause for its short battery life. If your laptop is constantly straining to keep up with what you're doing, that could also cause the laptop to overheat and damage your battery. The method by which you charge your laptop also makes a difference. If you let the battery run all the way down to zero while you're out in Sacramento running errands and then come home and charge it, that could shorten the battery life. Modern batteries want to be kept as full as possible, and running the battery down to zero will harm it. If you're interested in why your laptop's battery life has dropped off so suddenly, give us a call! Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento is ready to talk with you about battery life improvements!

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