So you’re working on a novel? That’s great. But don’t you hate it when you’re working at home on your desktop, typing away, and decide you need a coffee break, go to the local Redding Starbucks with your laptop, open it up, and realize that the latest version of your book is at home? It’s frustrating to be sure. Your last chapter is missing, your notes have old character names, and it’s generally not prudent to progress with your writing. Another scenario: you have company over and they ask about your last trip out of the country and want to see your pictures. But they’re all on your laptop, and so instead of relaxing and watching them all in slideshow format, you all crowd around the small screen and try and get the viewing angle right. Either of these sound familiar? Sounds like you need file sharing configured! File sharing will allow you to keep your files in sync across all the devices you use.  Whether running around Redding on your Smartphone, relaxing at home on your desktopor working in the wild on your laptop, we at Nerds On Call can make sure you have access to what you need when you need it! Plus, we’re right here in Redding, so you have a local solution for adding new devices when you get them and generally just keeping in touch with a friendly group of computer experts. Also, we always offer free estimates, so it’s risk-free! Give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started!

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