You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer is going slower and slower with time. Every time you do something new, it takes longer
  • Your computer is giving you low disk space errors or other cryptic messages
  • If your printer won’t connect to your new computer
  • If your computer is freezing or you can’t find missing data
  • The internet connection is slow or keeps dropping
  • There are strange voices coming from the computer
  • You just need a computer that WORKS

You used to love your computer – you brought it home one day from the Best Buy on Hilltop or from a local Redding shop, plugged it in and started it up – and she was a thing of beauty. You browsed around web pages with lightning speed, edited Word documents with all the youthful ardor of two lovers, and sent emails, photos, and videos – just to let the world know how happy you were. The spark has faded because your computer slowed over time. It started dragging its heels. You wanted to go to a web page for dinner one night and your computer didn’t want to go. It probably even started complaining: “…Redding?” (What right does it have to criticize your taste in cities?) So you turned your computer off in frustration and there it sat for quite a while. Now you visit every once in a while, like old friends with distant memories. We don’t want your relationship with your computer to be like that! Here at Nerds On Call we specialize in getting your computer tuned up and running great! We have years of experience in computer tune up and repair, and we want you to be able to use your computer the way you used to. Whether you need viruses removed, diagnostics run, or just general maintenance, we can do it! With our online support system, we make it easier than ever to get your computer fixed right in your home. We can fix any software-related issue right from where we are over the Internet. It’s much faster and cheaper than any other option! So give us a call or click the lil’ Nerd over in the lower-right corner and find out how we can get you loving your computer again!

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Questions nerds often hear about Redding Computer Tuneup

Is Computer Tune up Redding expensive?

Every computer problem is different.

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Common Terms

Start­up I­tems

Every time your computer starts, the biggest piece of software it turns on is the operating system. However, the operating system loads a lot of other programs that it thinks you will use. These are called startup items and run every time you turn your computer on


Files are stored on your disk in sections. Your hard drive does this to save space and speed, but over time gaps can appear and your hard drive takes longer to find the data on it. Disk fragmentation is an issue on older systems, but new computers automatically defragment themselves

Win­dows Reg­is­try

The system registry is where Windows stores all of the computer’s settings. Not just the settings you choose, but other things like the color of window shadows and the location of certain files.