You might need a nerd if…

  • Your business regularly needs Quickbooks help to keep your accounting on an even keel
  • You’re looking for a fast, professional, and reasonably-priced online Quickbooks support service
  • You’re a small business and need all kinds of help – from computer selection to virus protection to Quickbooks support
  • You need to migrate your accounting and payroll data to a new installation of Quickbooks

QuickBooks Support and Service

Nerds on Call provides, for small business, QuickBooks support

Looking for fast and responsive QuickBooks support?

Ask a small business owner what software package they use to manage accounting and payroll, and four out of five will say, “QuickBooks.” 

With over 26 million businesses using QuickBooks in the US, it’s safe to say QuickBooks helps a multitude and has become an indispensable part of the business computing landscape.

But it’s complex! 

And while QuickBooks is undeniably a powerful tool to have at your command, if you’re new to QuickBooks you may find many of its features counter-intuitive at first. Moreover, right at the beginning of your journey with QuickBooks, you have some tricky decisions to make about supporting technology, training, and – most crucially – where to turn for QuickBooks help when you need it. If this describes your situation, talk to Nerds On Call at 1-800-919-6373. We offer fast, responsive QuickBooks support as well as a wide range of supporting technical support services.

Here’s how we can deliver the QuickBooks help you need

From setup to cybersecurity, training to advanced technical support — we offer you a wide range of QuickBooks support services.

Quickbooks help with installation/setup 

Let’s say you’re running a startup business. Or perhaps you’ve decided to migrate an existing accounting system across to QuickBooks. Support from a trusted expert will be crucial in those early days of adjustment:

  • Version selection: QuickBooks comes in a wide variety of subscription tiers. You also have desktop and cloud versions to choose from. We’ll help you make smart, informed decisions about version and platform selection.
  • Setup & installation: One of the most critical QuickBooks support moments is when you set up your software. It’s easy to make configuration mistakes early on, and these typically take real time to fix. With our QuickBooks help service, you can avoid those pitfalls and feel confident you’re set up for long-term success.

Data migration: If you’re switching across to QuickBooks from another accounting package, you’ll likely have reams of data to transfer. We can handle the data migration process for you as part of our QuickBooks support service.

Account software in use on a laptop. QuickBooks Support may be needed.


And, of course, then there’s troubleshooting. The tricky thing about troubleshooting is that a problem can be hardware-related, software-related or user-error, and you’ll usually need to know where your problem originates before you find a meaningful answer. But what if you don’t know? 

You can easily spend hours trying to figure out what kind of QuickBooks help you need.

The beauty of troubleshooting QuickBooks support through Nerds On Call is that we’re skilled at traversing all these modalities of technical support — hardware, software, and training. Our team can move you seamlessly through the kinds of troubleshooting help you need, and that means you arrive at a solution to your problem in less time and with significantly less hassle. Head on over to our tech support page to learn more about the full breadth of technical support we offer.


Right up top, we mentioned one of the key complicating factors of quality QuickBooks support: complexity. QuickBooks is highly customizable. The problem with generic QuickBooks help and training is that these services often fail to take your unique configuration into account. 

While we’re here for those occasions when you need QuickBooks support from an expert (right now!) we’re equally committed to helping you build the skillset you need to solve many of your own Quickbooks help challenges. 

Nerds On Call can give your team a firm grounding in QuickBooks, computing, and safe cybersecurity practices. By working with us, you’ll gradually reduce the number and frequency of QuickBooks support requests your company needs to make. 

Equipment and cybersecurity

Your QuickBooks support picture would be incomplete without expert guidance on how to keep your equipment, your data, and your livelihood safe. We can help you develop safe computing practices, enhancing your QuickBooks support with round-the-clock monitoring for suspicious online activity.

Over 60% of small to medium businesses were the target of a cyberattack last year. Nerds On Call can ensure your business is prepared with robust cyberattack preparedness.

Advanced feature tips

Quickbooks help shouldn’t just be about damage control or fixing what doesn’t work. At Nerds On Call, we strive to offer QuickBooks support that helps you grow. 

  • Do you have an accounting task you feel you could complete more swiftly with the right workflow?
  • Perhaps you’re looking for a combination of software tools to get the job done more accurately and with less time outlay?

We’re here to help you with these and a host of other advanced QuickBooks help requests. If you’re looking to enhance the effectiveness of your use of QuickBooks, talk to Nerds On Call. We can help position your team to grow.

A person using the iPhone Calculator app.

Talk to a Nerd for expert QuickBooks support

Quickbooks offers you powerful accounting and payroll tools. But you can only access the full breadth of that functionality if it’s installed correctly, adequately supported, and configured to your unique business needs. Nerds On Call offers QuickBooks support that ticks all these boxes. Moreover, we enhance that with a broad range of tech support, from cybersecurity to computer repair.

Interested in better QuickBooks support? Call us at 1-800-919-6373. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.  

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Questions nerds often hear about QuickBooks Support

Is Quickbooks support expensive?

It needn’t be! We offer a comprehensive Quickbooks help service at a highly competitive price. 

Do I need Quickbooks help or general tech support?

With Nerds On Call, it doesn’t matter! We offer technical support that encompasses software, hardware, and user practice. If Quickbooks isn’t working as you’d like, give us a call. We can help unravel the problem wherever it originates.

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