It’s great to have a Mac. I’m sure you’re more than familiar than that. They don’t slow down; they don’t get viruses…or do they? Kind of. Over a half a million Macs actually get infected with some sort of malware every year. Sometimes it’s a virus, other time’s it’s malware or spyware. These attacks occur in places with higher concentrations of computers, such as Portland, where a high percentage of people own personal computers, especially Macs.

Now Macs don’t get attacked as often as Windows computers, which is why protection software for Macs is more unheard of. However, the reason that they don’t get sieged as often is because Macs simply have a smaller market share. Hackers seek financial gain from their nefarious activities and because each system requires additional work coding, it’s simply not worth it for them to try and subvert Mac OS X’s security systems. More and more people are using computers and therefore more and more people own Macs. This will eventually lead to more people using them and therefore more people writing viruses for them. For this reason, you should definitely have some sort of protection software installed on your Mac.


Here at Nerds On Call in Portland, we want to make sure you stay safe on the web for a long time to come. If you just want someone to talk to about protection software or you want us to come out to your Portland home and help you, just give us a cal. We’re available all the time to listen to what you have to say and to help you with your computer problems. Give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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