Don’t want to be spied on by the NSA? Want to keep Snowden from snooping on your emails? No matter who you’re trying to keep your data from, Nerds On Call Computer Repair Portland can help you configure your privacy and security. In ye olden days of the internet, you could just send an email and not worry about who was reading it. But now that everything has moved online, it can be a little more complicated to keep people out of your personal affairs. Fortunately our techs have expanded their skillset to meet the changing times.

Here at Nerds On Call Computer Repair Portland, we can set up privacy and security software on your computer that will keep your online identity protected from threats. Whether you have secure business information you want to keep confidential or you’re secretly the meth kingpin of the northwest, it doesn’t matter to us. Your privacy and security are at the forefront of our concern. We will treat you with the utmost of professionalism and treat your data like precious blue crystals. For all your privacy and security configuration needs, Nerds On Call Computer Repair Portland is standing by to help you!

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