Is your printer jammed? Is the paper just not feeing through or did your 7 year-old literally pour jam on it?  If your scanner is not talking to your computer because your computer was a jerk that one time or even if your fax is not receiving incoming documents, whatever the case, Nerds On Call right in Portland can fix the problem for you. It doesn’t matter if the affected device is an HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, or Epson – we can fix anything you throw at us.

Our Nerds come from the great city of Portland and come to you to fix whatever you need help with. They have an excellent grasp of anything technological, and are friendly and courteous. Whether your printer, scanner, or fax needs repair, they can get you back up and running and can provide you with any answers to questions you might have about your device. They’re like the missing manual for your device and will let you know everything you need to know about it – even things you didn’t think you needed to.


Chat with one of them right here on the website about your scanner, printer or fax or give us a call at 503-452-6112 to talk about your paper-providing-product needs. Our estimates are always free and we always wait until your device works exactly the way you want it to before we charge you for anything. Nerds On Call is yours and Portland’s friendly neighborhood spider…printer man!

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