Do you have a printer at your Portland home? If so, do you use it with more than one computer? If you’ve been in this situation, you know the endless annoyance that can come with it. Oftentimes, when you want to print or fax something, you’ll have to reconnect the cable to whichever computer you want to print from. Do you only have a laptop and you’re tired of having to tether it to the printer every time you want a paper document. Faxing and printing in an age with all this technology shouldn’t be that difficult.

Turns out there’s a way to make this all a lot easier. It’s called printer networking, and it works by connecting your printer and fax to your home network, just like any other computer. You can attach them wirelessly or keep the wired connections if you want. There’s no restriction on where you can keep it. We know some people who keep their printers in the closet just because it saves space. And that works too! The thing is it doesn’t matter where you keep your printer – because you can print from anywhere. Even downtown Portland!

Here at Nerds On Call we want to help you set up your computing devices exactly the way you want to use them. We give free estimates, we can come out to your house, or we have our helpful Portland store available to help you. Whatever you need, we’re there for you. Give us a call or click the chat icon below!


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