Here in Portland we kind of like our clean power. We want to make sure we have an efficient power supply – something that comes from renewable resources, like caged hamsters or wind. No nukes, am I right? So with all this concern for the power supply for our city, why aren’t we concerned more about the power supply that our computers use? Given, it’s not on such a large scale, but poor power supplies can reduce the efficiency of our computers and/or drain energy from our power bill and waste electricity. In fact, many power supplies that off-the-shelf computer ship with are incredibly poor. The computer companies can cut corners because most people probably won’t notice the difference right away, but as soon as that year-long-warranty expires, they tend to just go haywire. Add onto this the fact that it is likely either drawing too much power and wasting it, or drawing too little and damaging your computer, and you have good reason to get that power supply replaced!


The people who can do that for you are right here in Portland! Nerds On Call is ready and willing to give your computer that boost to keep it running at optimum efficiency. The power supplies we use are more energy-efficient, plus there’s a whole slew of really technical features that simply put, make your computer run better.

So if you need someone to look at your computer (estimates are always free) and let you know if your power efficiency could be increased with a new power supply, give us a call or click the chat icon below to get talking with your friendly Portland Nerds!

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