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Rootkit Removal Portland

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A rootkit is a piece of software that runs at the same level as your operating system's administrator

There’s a very specialized type of malware called a root kit. These insidious programs can install themselves onto your computer and wreak massive havoc – we’re talking remote control of your computer – they can literally engulf your entire operating system and run it like a puppeteer. Once they have control of your system, they can allow other viruses on to steal your information and destroy your computer. The worst part of all of this is that they are borderline-undetectable. Traditional virus scanners can’t pick them up because they run outside your operating system. They’re like the Charles Manson of viruses. What do you do when you get infected? Scream, cry, pray, destroy your computer? Well you can start by calling Nerds On Call right here in Portland. We’re happy to seek out and eradicate these nefarious sons of hackers with finesse. Instead of just applying temporary fixes, we’ll actually remove the root kit.   How do you know if you might be infected? A few signs include: Random locking up of the computer, mysteriously changed Windows settings, or slow network connection speed. If these symptoms sound familiar, you just might be infected. You definitely need that root kit removed.   Give our Nerds a call to find out how we can help you remedy this problem! We’ll let you know for sure if you’re infected and our friendly Portland techs will be able to get every last trace of the program removed from your computer. Get started freeing your computer now!  

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Questions nerds often hear about Rootkit Removal Portland

  • How do I know if I have a rootkit?

    You might not. One of the characteristics of rootkits is that they hide themselves well. Some even rewrite parts of your operating system to hide.

  • Well then what do I do?

    Regular scanning is the only effective combat method. Keep your computer and anti-virus up to date.