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A popup is a form of online advertising. Popups can be legitimate or illegitimate. Sometimes illegitimate popups can show on legitimate sites using hacker's code.


A popunder is like a popup, but hides under your window until you're done browsing. After you exit, it surprises you with its offer. Do not listen to its lies.

Nobody likes pop-ups. Even eccentric collectors in downtown Portland who have giant shelves full of garden gnomes, creepy dolls, and lawn flamingoes don’t like pop-ups. That’s how bad pop-ups are. They sneak onto your computer and pretend to be something they’re not. They’re like the spies of the computer – but not in a James Bond way but more in a Rasputin-esque way. It’s not pretty. Some pop-ups pretend to be from your operating system, others disguise themselves as notifications from programs, and there is no end to the other ways they can conceal themselves. They can execute malicious code if you click on them and lead to further infections which leads to more pop-ups, and on and on in a vicious cycle.   Fortunately, you’ve got help right here in Portland.  Nerds On Call is prepared and ready to help you with removing those pop-ups from your computer! Even the most experienced computer users sometimes fall prey to these wicked windows, but we can help you make sure you avoid even seeing them. So if you’re ready to find out how your local Portland Nerds on Call can help you remove pop-ups for good, give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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Questions nerds often hear about Remove Popups Portland

  • What happens if I click on a popup?

    If you click on a popup, it will take you to another page. Sometimes it will be innocent enough and try to sell you something; but the rest of the time it will probably try and download something to your computer. Even just clicking can give the hacker exactly what they want.

  • Do popups mean someone has my information?

    Popups are often found in conjunction with viruses, but not always. If you have popups, it could just mean that someone is trying to sell you something. Never enter any information into a popup.

  • I want to get rid of all the ads

    So do we. Using Adblock Plus along with a current anti-malware software should keep you from seeing any advertisements on the web.