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Motherboard Repair & Replacement Portland

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If you’ve ever had a motherboard fail on you, you know how much of a pain it can be. A laptop motherboard failure can be even worse! The motherboard is the most critical component in your laptop, and on top of that it’s one of the hardest to diagnose when it fails. The CPU, RAM, and power supply all need to be tested before you can really determine the motherboard to be the cause of the problem. And unfortunately, motherboards can’t really be repaired; they have to be replaced. And when a laptop motherboard gets replaced, a lot of stuff has to go with it because of how laptops are built. Plus, motherboards for your laptop aren’t really something you can just go out to Portland and buy. So how do you know when your motherboard has failed? Well, if it’s actually failed – you’ll probably know – your laptop won’t turn on. However, if it’s starting to fail, you’ll be able to tell because your computer will randomly restart or turn off. These symptoms could mean something besides the motherboard, but no matter what they signify – they’re not good at all. What do you do? Well, you can start by contacting Nerds On Call in Portland! We’ve replaced plenty of laptop motherboards in our time. Plus we can tell you if it’s your motherboard that’s failed or something else. And before we do any work, after we’ve made our diagnosis we’ll give you a free estimate. It shouldn’t cost you anything simply to know what’s wrong with your computer. You’ve got nothing to lose! So give a call to your Portland Nerds On Call and let us help you with your laptop motherboard, or any other issues you have! We’re always here for you!

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