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Malware Removal

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Common Terms


A rootkit is a piece of software that runs at the same level as your operating system's administrator

Trojan Horse

A trojan horse is a type of malware that poses as another piece of software to trick you into installing it

In Portland, like any big city, there are many threats to our safety. Just like physical safety, there are digital threats that are hard to understand, but can impose on our happiness and security. Some have simple fixes, like running virus scanners, but some of these threats that we call “malware” can fly under the radar and evade us. Like it or not, these threats don’t just go away and there are still ones which persist despite our best efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if someone in Portland was here for us to fix these terrible problems that was friendly, courteous, professional and knowledgeable? Though I’m sure you saw this one coming – these incredibly skilled, helpful people are called Nerds! At the Portland Nerds On Call, every one of us is dedicated to making sure you think so too! Give us a call or click the chat icon below if you might have been attacked by malware! We’ll check it out for you and if so, we will make sure you get a free estimate and everything that you will need to evaluate the situation for yourself and decide if it’s worth it! That’s the beauty of Nerds On Call! We know that the malware needs removal, but we want to establish good relations with you, unlike what often happens with technical support agents, who don’t work very long or hard at making sure that you are cared for as well as your operating environment. So if you’re ready to get service from the best, let us help you over the phone or when you click the chat icon you see on the right side of your screen!

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Questions nerds often hear about Malware Removal

  • Will malware make me lose my data?

    Malware can take many forms. Many of these will cause your computer to act in an unstable fashion. While most malware does not directly erase data, you should make a backup of everything you hold dear