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MacBook Hardware Repair Portland

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If you’re among the elite group that has decided to stick with Apple products because they “just work,” you know full well the frustration that comes every time that they release a new product. First world problems to be sure, but those products aren’t just going to buy themselves! On one hand (the more responsible one), new Apple products cost a lot of money, but on the other hand, you were commuting through Portland one day and accidentally broke a piece of hardware that you can’t repair yourself and you should really get a new Macbook. On the third hand, there are no more hands. When it comes down to it though, most of us can’t afford to buy every single product that Apple rolls out. And let’s face it – Macs last for a really long time. So long in fact that many times when they break, the replacement parts aren’t being made anymore. So what do you do then, when you need to get the hardware repaired on your macbook? Someone has to be able to repair them That’s right! At the Portland Nerds On Call, we can fix any sort of computer you throw at us. Well, don’t throw them. That’s pretty hard to fix sometimes. Whether it’s a laptop from the bronze age or the model that just came out, we can repair its hardware. We have dedicated laptop technicians who can investigate any problem that might be going on and get you back on your way using the computer. You can either come to our Portland shop, or we can come to you! We want to meet you where it’s most convenient. Either give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started talking with us!

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