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Apple Macbook Repair

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I knew a girl from Portland once who had a Macbook that wouldn’t burn CDs. Every time that she’d try to make a CD to listen to in her car, the process would almost complete, and then fail, wasting the CD in the process. She wanted me to take a look and figure out what was wrong with it. I took the computer and looked around at the operating system and asked her a few questions. I was trying to figure out if she could tell me anything about the computer that would help me diagnose the problem. I was stumped. All the settings were configured correctly, but the CD would just not burn. But as I handed it back to her, I noticed a long, skinny dent on the cover of the computer. I asked her what it was. She admitted, blushing, that she had dropped it a while back. By some strange coincidence, it was at the time that the CD drive stopped working. Now the point to all this is not that MacBooks are always in need of repair. Most of the time they aren’t. And the Mac operating system is almost always rock-solid. But no laptop is immune to the problems that can come with physical accidents. Maybe you’re commuting in Portland and you bang your laptop against a door or accidentally drop it. This can cause damage that’s not visible on the outside, but can manifest in problems down the road, like my friend’s issue with her CD drive. MacBooks, unlike other laptops, are a lot harder to repair, because of the way they’re assembled. Fortunately, Nerds On Call in Portland would be happy to help you get the service you need so that you can get back to using your Mac!  

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