Portland can be a great city, but no responsible parent would just send their kid off into it without supervision or resources for finding their way.


The internet is a lot like Portland. It has shady alleyways, strangers who will tempt you with offers that are too good to be true, and plenty of other dangers that are always lurking in the shadows. It’s easy enough to monitor your kids’ behavior in the physical world (although it has its challenges too). The digital world, however, comes with a whole slew of new problems. How do you, as a parent, keep control over your child’s internet activity? It seems like any method you use is just as easily thwarted by your tech-savvy kids.


That’s where Nerds On Call comes in! We’d love to set up parental controls on your computer! We can allow you to monitor activity, set time limits, filter explicit content, and even keep a close watch over your DVD player and game consoles that your kids may have. We’ve spent our fair share of time as kids trying to get around our parents’ safeguards, so we understand your frustration. We want to make sure you can manage a lot more easily than our parents did – and with better tools.

Plus, we’re right here in Portland, so if you ever have any questions about the types of things your kids are getting into, you can just give us a phone call or use the chat box below to get in touch!


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