PDX is a busy place – planes shuttling in and out of Portland, thousands of people pouring through every day, and all of the air traffic managed by a single control tower. Now imagine if that tower had technical issues, even briefly. The damage could be immense – even leading to catastrophic crashes. Your motherboard in your computer is a lot like this control tower. It coordinates all the different aspects of running your computer. All the other parts, like your hard drive, processor, and CD drive are all plugged into your motherboard and rely on it for function. So when your motherboard encounters an error, the entire computer suffers.

The problem with motherboard errors is that they are much harder to diagnose than something simpler like hard drive failure. Symptoms range from random crashes to computer slowness, so it’s really quite hard to pinpoint exactly which component is having an error. Here at Nerds On Call, we are quite skilled at reading the signs of motherboard failure and know how to get it repaired as soon as possible so you can get back on your feet. We know it’s a major setback when your computer is rendered unusable and so we guarantee our work – if you aren’t satisfied with the work we do, you don’t pay us. We don’t want to be just another problem on top of what you’re already going through.

Our techs are all here based out of Portland, so we can get to your problem quickly, instead of trying to walk you through the issue from hundreds of miles away. We can come to your house, actually. You don’t even need to get out of your sweat pants. We won’t judge.

So if you need your motherboard repaired, don’t hesitate to call your Portland Nerds On Call!

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