Need help choosing an internet provider in Portland? It can be a difficult decision to make conscientiously. There’s a lot of debate over net neutrality and it’s important to find an internet service provider whose policies you agree with.

Net neutrality is the idea that all traffic on the internet is treated the same. You know how companies charge different amounts for different TV channels? The internet isn’t like that, but the same big media companies that control television want to control the internet that way. Don’t want to pay extra to use Google? Support net neutrality. It keeps corporations from seizing control of their customers’ internet access? Think this is a fair expression of free market tactics? There are internet service providers for you as well.

No matter which stance you take, our qualified Nerds can help you decide which internet service provider is right for you. We can help you choose between the options and narrow it to a company that you agree with. For help choosing your internet service provider, call Nerds On Call Computer Repair Portland!

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