Don’t you love the idea of having a home theater set up? You could listen to music, watch movies, stream content from your computer, and do just about anything entertainment-related in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is head down to your Portland electronics store and…

Get bombarded with dozens of employees making commission.

And try and decipher all the difficult tech language. What do those acronyms even mean? Why do I need a tweeter? I already have a bird.

Selecting a home theater isn’t quite as easy as it may sound – but don’t let that stop you from living your dream! All you need to do is find someone who knows the terminology. Well, you know that one guy, but he recently moved to Seattle. What you need is someone in Portland who knows all that nerdy stuff. How about a Nerd?


That’s right – our Nerds will be happy to accompany you to select the home theater of your choice. We can go with you on your shopping trip and educate you so you can make the decisions that are right for your ideal system. Plus, we don’t make commission or have loyalty to any particular store, so we’re not going to pressure you to buy the newest and nicest component that you’ll never actually end up using. Even if you leave the shopping trip with nothing more than an extensive knowledge of home theater systems, it’ll be worth it. We want to help you, regardless of what ends up happening. One other little secret?  We live right here in Portland, so we know where the best deals are.

So if you want to select your home theater system today, give us a call! We’ll be happy to arrange your next shopping trip! Just remember, Nerds love shopping too!

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