Most people here in Portland, including you, probably have a number of technological devices; smartphones, televisions, desktops, laptops, and tablets are highly prevalent in a modern society. If you have any wireless devices at home, you probably have a home network already set up. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hook everything up together – integrate all your devices into a single home network that was able to share content no matter where you were?

Your Portland Nerds On Call can help you do that. We can integrate pretty much any device in some way. There’s no point in not taking advantage of the myriad of networking features that are built into modern devices. We can help you stream video from your tablet to your TV, or record TV on your laptop. We can show you how to control your speaker system from your Smartphone, or even how to access the computers in your house from your work or elsewhere.

If you even need to add any components to your system, we can help you find those. We’re all from here in Portland and know where to get the best deals on components to integrate into your home network. Plus, we always give free estimates, so if you’re just looking into your options, you can use us as a valuable resource to figure your entire life out. Well…some of it at least.

So if you’re ready to find out how you can tie all your computing devices together on a home network, give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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