Almost everyone these days has a laptop of some sort. Even if it’s just an old one that needs hardware repair in a storage locker in Portland somewhere, most of us have probably owned one at some point in our lives.   Any of us who have owned one are very familiar with how finicky they can be at times. Whether it’s a broken hinge or a cracked screen or a broken power outlet or missing keys, laptops need hardware repair from time to time. Laptops aren’t quite like desktops in that regard – you can’t just open them up and pop one part out and the other in. All the components are soldered together (who decided that word need an l?), which means that it takes someone with the technical know-how to do so. That means you’d have to go into Portland and find someone who offers that service, right?

No! Nerds On Call has an office in Portland! From there, we can come to your house and take a look at your laptop right there. It’s a no-hassle way for you to find out what’s wrong with your laptop and we offer free estimates, so we won’t charge you just to look at your computer. That’d be ridiculous. That way, you can get a quote and decide for yourself if you really want to get the computer fixed. If you do, we can take it and get it working like new. If not, we can certainly recommend somewhere that you can recycle the old components – or we can take it off your hands. We’ll just hope it doesn’t have to come to that.

So if your laptop needs hardware repair, check out Nerds On Call! You can call us on the phone or click the live chat icon below!

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