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Missing/Broken Keyboard Keys Fresno

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A woman came into our Fresno store the other day with a broken keyboard. We asked how all those keys could have gone missing. She told us a story. According to her, she had been working at her desk earlier that day. She used her laptop at work, and used it on the commute as well as at home. She had gone to the break room for a number of minutes. When she came back, her laptop was where she had left it on her desk. However, her keyboard was a mess! Some keys were missing, others were broken! She had only been gone for a few minutes. Who could have done this? She stepped out of her office and asked the people around if they knew what had happened to her keyboard. No one knew. They had all been in cubicles and hadn’t seen anything. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a small black square on the floor. It was a key from her keyboard! She walked to it to see if she could spot another one that the perpetrator had dropped. There was another one leading into an empty office. She opened the door to the office. There was a man there, eating her keyboard keys! That’s why they were missing! “Just what do you think you’re doing?” She said. “I’m eating your keyboard keys.” He said. Then he jumped out the window and flew away into Fresno! She ran to the window, perplexed. He had left a piece of paper behind. On it was written a number. As it turned out, that was our number for the Fresno Nerds On Call. It doesn’t matter how you break your laptop – you can even make up an absurd story about a keyboard-eater if you want. We won’t judge you. We’re just here to get your computer fixed! Give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started.

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