Imagine if there was a type of computer program that could install itself on your computer, then allow multiple pieces of malware to run, undetected by your virus scanner. What if this program could even consume your entire operating system – so far as to make it usable by hackers without your knowledge? And what if this program could run entirely without you even noticing?

Well it turns out that this type of program exists – it’s called a root kit. So-called because it has “root,” or administrator access to your system, these nasty little creations are the most insidious type of malware out there. Sometimes they can get installed by a specific type Sony CDs, although those have mostly been recalled. For the most part, root kits are installed when someone isn’t careful. And it happens to all of us – we get too trusting of human nature and click on an offer that sounds too good to be true. (it usually is) The root kit can install itself from there without the user’s knowledge. How do you remove these root kits?

Well, they can’t be removed via traditional methods, simply because of the way they work. It takes a little bit more dedicated of a process than simply running an anti-virus. For that, your friendly Fresno Nerds are more than happy to help make your life easier. We can remove that root kit for you! Whether it goes easily or if it takes a full format ‘n’ reinstall, we’ll make sure your data stays intact and your computer remains useable.

You may ask…how do you tell if you’re infected in the first place? Root kits are notoriously hard to identify. A few signs of a root kit include random locking up of the computer or changed Windows settings that you didn’t tamper with. Those are both very suspect behavior. Another sign is if your network connection starts slowing, although this can be because of so many reasons that it’s hard to pinpoint.

If you’re worried you might be infected, give our friendly Fresno Nerds a call and get talking!

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Rootkit Removal

How do I know if I have a Rootkit?

You might not. One of the characteristics of Rootkits is that they hide themselves well. Some even rewrite parts of your operating system to hide.

Well then what do I do?

Regular scanning is the only effective combat method. Keep your computer and anti-virus up to date.

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A Rootkit is a piece of software that runs at the same level as your operating system’s administrator