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  • You’d just like to learn more about broken keyboard repair
  • Your keyboard is working perfectly … except for this one annoying key … and you are looking around for an easy, inexpensive missing key repair service
  • Your keyboard looks great on your desk, but good luck getting it to connect to your computer
  • You’re on the hunt for a reliable Fresno computer tech to help you with a broken keyboard repair or missing key repair
  • Someone might kinda sorta have spilled three-quarters of a cup of Coke/Sprite/Mountain Dew over the family computer’s keyboard, and you’re looking for help with broken keyboard repair before someone’s wife/husband/kids/parents find out.

Ever heard of broken keyboard repair for laptops?

If you own a desktop computer and the keyboard gives up the ghost, most people are just going to head straight to the computer store for a new one. It’s just not worth thinking about repair.

But laptops are different. If you need missing key repair or broken keyboard repair for a laptop, you don’t get the luxury of swapping out your keyboard like an old pair of bottom-shelf business socks with an unsightly hole in the big toe.  

This is where we can help. 

Broken keyboard repair for laptops is indeed a thing — a very, very, very real thing. (That was three very’s.) No joke, we have nerds right here in Fresno who are ridiculously skilled in the enigmatic art of broken keyboard repair. They’ve mastered missing key repair for any key you can throw at them: Q’s, T’s, Z’s, even R’s, for Pete’s sakes. And those R’s are tricky.

And get this. We’re a fully mobile service! Just give us a call (1-800-919-6373) or drop us a line via our contact form (hi there). A local Fresno computer guru will come straight to your door equipped with a clean hanky and our trademark speedy, reliable, and inexpensive service. 

But first, steel yourself, for you are about to learn more than you probably ever hoped to know about broken keyboard repair. In this brutally candid exposée, we’ll show you what missing key repair is really like. 

We ask but one thing… 

Forget everything you thought you knew and proceed with an open mind

Keyboard software problems

Here’s the first truth bomb for you. Keyboards run on software. You might be staring at a busted keyboard, thinking the key to a successful broken keyboard repair must lie somewhere within its clicky-clacky innards. Maybe. Maybe not. You see, there’s a chance your problem originates with the software driver that handles how the keyboard communicates with your software.

Weirder still, you may have a localized problem on your keyboard. Perhaps the carriage return is going bonkers or your machine keeps trying to say “SSSSSSSSSS” for no earthly reason. Even these kerflunkles aren’t necessarily an indicator that you need missing key repair.

If you are dealing with a software issue, a simple update makes that problem go away, and you can save some serious (or if your keyboard’s “S” is wonky, “seeeeeeeerioussssssssss”) moolah. That’s why the first thing our Fresno nerds will do is check out your software. If we can save you some bucks, we will. 

Mind blown yet? Well, strap in, because we have only grazed the tip of the broken keyboard repair iceberg.

Cleaning your keyboard

OK, real talk. Have you eaten a cookie near your laptop lately? We’re all friends here, so you can be honest. According to the US Cookie Consumption Institute, 94.7%* of American adults have consumed three or more cookies over their keyboard in the last six months. You are not alone.

While cookie-shaming is the last thing on our mind, you should be aware that crumbs are keyboard kryptonite. Through our own informal and non peer-reviewed research, scientists at Nerds On Call Labs have proven that some unseen force attracts cookie molecules to the underside of a keyboard’s keys. If your keys stick in the down position or suddenly feel awkwardly squishy when depressed (don’t we all?), there’s a good chance that your computer has fallen prey to the sinister influence of cookie dark matter. 

Don’t worry. It’s fixable. While one surprising fact of broken keyboard repair is that keyboards are remarkably difficult to clean properly, it becomes a relatively trivial matter if you have the right equipment and training. We have that equipment and training, and one of our able Fresno crew will happily assist you with crumb-related broken keyboard repair.

Missing key repair

OK, we have covered some pretty disturbing ground thus far. Let’s dial the revelations back a notch so you have time to catch a breath. We also perform missing key repair and broken key repair. 

If your keyboard is fine except for just a few keys, there’s no need to spring for a complete broken keyboard repair. We’ll perform single missing key repairs for you quick as a flash and for just a fraction of what you might have paid. 

Phew. That was an easy one.

We do it all

Need the forensic precision of a missing key repair or the clean sweep of a full broken keyboard repair? You’re in the right place. We do it all. If there’s one thing you take away from our shadowy foray into the hidden world of broken keyboard repair let it be this: You don’t need to put up with a keyboard that’s on the blink. If you’re in Fresno and need broken keyboard repair, just pick up the phone and call us, day or night, (but pretty much just during regular business hours). That number again is 1-800-919-6373. We’ll come to you.

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Missing Broken Keyboard

My keyboard is only missing some keys. Do you do missing key repair?

Yes. If we can perform a broken keyboard repair without replacing the whole keyboard, we’ll pursue the cheaper solution. Why? Because that’s how we roll.

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