You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer won’t boot properly or takes ages to boot
  • Your computer shuts off unexpectedly, or you keep getting error messages
  • Your laptop screen is cracked, blurry, or has permanent light or dark spots
  • Your keyboard doesn’t work properly, or a key gets “stuck” every so often
  • A port is loose or just doesn’t work 
  • You’ve tried your own laptop hardware repair without success
  • You’re in Fresno, you know you need laptop hardware repair, but you haven’t gotten around to it because you can’t afford to be without your computer

Fresno Laptop Hardware Repair Service: Is laptop hardware repair really worth it?

We’re frequently asked this question. We live in a disposable age. If your kettle breaks down, don’t grab a trusty copy of the yellow pages and look for AAA Kettle Repairs. You recycle the thing and buy a shiny new one. 

But laptops are a bit different because a) they’re extremely expensive, and b) they have a ton of removable components, each of which can be fixed or replaced by a suitably skilled technician — AKA us! 

Laptop hardware repair over buying a new one is almost always the financially smart decision. Keyboard repair, port replacement, or even swapping out your existing laptop monitor for a new one can be done for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop. 

Got a busted laptop? Call Nerds On Call at 1-800-919-6373 for a free quote on laptop hardware repair. We’re a Fresno mobile computer repair service with a great reputation for low-cost, high quality computer repairs, and upgrades. 

So, what kinds of laptop hardware repairs can we do for ya? We’re glad you asked!

Here are some of our most popular laptop hardware repair services 

Replacing or repairing your laptop hard drive

All hard drives fail eventually. A laptop’s hard drive often gives up the ghost significantly earlier than the rest of its hardware, so swapping out an old hard drive for a new one is a great way to extend the operational life of an ailing laptop. 

A big draw of our laptop hardware repair service is that we’re all about preserving as much of your data as possible. We’ll come to you wherever you are in Fresno, back up your data, replace or repair your hard drive and then set you up with a reliable data backup solution. 

Fixing your laptop’s display

If hard drives are the inevitable laptop hardware repair step in a typical computer’s journey, fixing a laptop display is often the most miraculous. People tend to assume that when a laptop’s display begins to fade out, the whole computer is one step away from landfill. Customers will come to our Fresno store convinced they’ll need to purchase a new laptop just because their old laptop’s display is on the proverbial fritz. 

Laptop displays can be completely swapped out for a new display. It’s a tricky and technically demanding job, but a new display is almost always significantly less expensive than purchasing a new machine. As part of our laptop hardware repair service, we’ll prepare a full no-obligation quote for you, so you can compare your laptop repair versus laptop replacement costs and make an informed decision. To learn more, check out our laptop screen repair page.

RAM upgrades, repairs and replacements

Random Access Memory (or RAM) is essential if you want a laptop with zip. While an older specced laptop will inevitably lack the sheer processing grunt of a newer model, a laptop hardware repair incorporating a RAM upgrade can significantly boost computing performance and add years to its operational life. 

While anything relating to RAM can be a tricky laptop hardware job for the uninitiated, our team of Fresno nerds can typically get a RAM upgrade squared away in minutes. And because we’re a mobile service, we can complete the job in less time than it takes you to go grab a coffee. Check out our laptop memory upgrade page for more information. 

Keyboard replacements

A malfunctioning keyboard is infuriating. Even a slight stickiness in one letter can slow your typing down to a crawl. We’ve even had some customers who have taught themselves to avoid typing certain words to avoid sticky keys. Try typing sassafras with a broken S. Not fun. We can set you up with either a full keyboard laptop hardware repair, or fix or replace individual keys if you’re only dealing with some minor damage. Either way, the cost of this laptop hardware repair is just a fraction of what you’ll pay for a brand new laptop. 

All we are saying…

… is give laptop hardware repair a chance!

If you’re in Fresno and have a laptop in urgent need of repair give us a call at 1-800-919-6373. We’ve brought more laptops back from the brink than we can count — with our fast, professional, and reasonably priced laptop hardware repair service. We’ll give you a no-obligation quote on the work and charge a reasonable flat rate. And remember, we’re a mobile fleet equipped to provide quality laptop hardware repair across every corner of Fresno. So wherever you are, whether residential or commercial, we can come to you with a fully appointed computer repair workshop on wheels. It’s laptop hardware repair done the easy way.

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Laptop Hardware Repair

How do I know the difference between software and hardware problems?

It can be hard to tell the difference. To rule out easily fixable problems, we perform a free diagnostic before any laptop hardware repair. That way, you can rest assured we’re delivering the simplest and most reasonably priced repair option available.

Can I complete some laptop hardware repairs on my own?

You can, but it does require tools, patience, and experience. The advantage of working through Fresno Nerds On Call is that we’re a reasonably priced local company with a wealth of experience. Why risk a less than perfect repair on your own when an expert is nearby and available?

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Common Terms

Computer Hardware

Devices and components that are installed or plugged into a computer system.

Hard Drive

It is a primary storage device used to store the operating system, software applications, and personal files.