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Data Transfer Eugene

You might need a nerd if…

  • You want to transfer data and settings from an old computer
  • You have work at home that needs to move to the office
  • You want regular backups of all your important data
  • You think you might have a virus
  • You have data that's missing or was accidentally erased

Common Terms


An upload is when a computer sends a file to another computer. The term is usually used to refer to uploading to the internet. However for every upload there is a download - some computer has to receive the file


Downloading is the reciprocal of uploading. A download is the reception of a file.

Cloud Backup

Backing up in the cloud refers to uploading your data to a managed data center. These data centers are referred to as clouds and contain many redundant copies of all the data on them

"The thought of losing all of the existing data on your hard drive when you upgrade to a new computer is frightening. What if there is necessary personal information on there, or pictures of your kids from their first birthday party that you want to keep forever to embarrass them with? Luckily, the Nerds on Call can help you with data transfer to get all of your old info onto your new computer's hard drive. The Nerds offer the comfort of knowing that your data is in good hands and will be available to you on your new system without a hiccup. Trust your data to the Nerds so that none is lost in the transition to a new system! "

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