Almost everybody has a digital camera these days and is snapping hundreds pictures on any given day. These pictures get saved onto SD cards in the camera, which can then be placed into an SD card reader in a computer to move the photos or edit them. If your SD card reader fails, you could lose the batch of photos you are trying to import, or even damage your SD card so badly that it can not be used again. If you are worried about a damaged SD card reader, give Nerds on Call a shout and let us take a look. Our experienced Nerds can replace or repair your SD card reader so that you can be back to taking as many pictures as you can in the hopes of getting one great shot.

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Questions nerds often hear about SD Card Reader Repair Eugene

Is SD Card Reader Repair Eugene expensive?

Every SD Card problem is different. Contact us for an estimate so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.

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