You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer refuses to boot and instead beeps constantly
  • You see graphical glitches on screen
  • Your computer has encountered the “Blue Screen of Death” multiple times
  • You can’t install a program because the installer quits

Eugene Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair Service

RAM is a term that everybody has heard in reference to computers, yet some people still wonder what it is. It is often mistaken for storage on the hard drive, which is not the case. RAM is like the short-term memory of your computer, it allows simultaneous tasks to be running and functioning properly. The more RAM, the more tasks can be performed at once and the faster the overall performance of the computer is. Since RAM is the workhorse of a computer, it is not a surprise when they fail. One or two chips may fail, or the entire chipset, which will noticeably slow down your computer. If you are considering a RAM upgrade or repair, contact the Nerds on Call so they can set you up with the fastest speeds in the West.

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Questions nerds often hear about Eugene Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair

Is Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair Eugene expensive?

Every laptop RAM problem is different. Contact us today for an estimate for your laptop.

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Common Terms


RAM means Random Access Memory, and is what your computer uses to store things that it is thinking about while it is on. When your computer turns off, everything in RAM goes away.

Memory Corruption

Memory corruption occurs when a part of your RAM is changed due to an error. Parts of your computer’s memory get confused and display the wrong data