The processor in your computer functions as the brain. So if the processor goes, the whole computer does. A good way to tell if your processor is starting to go is if the computer regularly just stops functioning – the mouse locks up and the screen stays on, but nothing responds. This can happen in a few ways. One way is simply if the computer gets old. Computers die after a while. Another way is if inadequate cooling allows the processor to overheat. You’ll know if this happens – there will be big black marks on your motherboard. Oh, and your computer won’t turn on. That will probably clue you in pretty quickly.


What you need is someone who knows computers to take a look at your computer and tell you if your processor might need replacing. This isn’t a particularly complicated process, but it’s absolutely crucial, given how integral the processor is to the computer’s function. Here at Nerds On Call in Portland, we happen to have quite a few people just like I mentioned. In fact, pretty much everyone who works here is!


Don’t hesitate to call us! We don’t charge for estimates, so whether or not your processor is failing, you won’t have to spend anything to find out! We’re here in Portland, so we can tend to your specific problem as fast as possible. You’ve got nothing to lose!


If your processor needs replacing or just to be looked at, give us a call or click the chat icon below. We’d love to help!


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