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Common Terms

All-in-One PC

A desktop computer that includes a built-in monitor. Similar to a laptop but stationary.


The monitor is the screen of your computer

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive stores all of your data. It is a box that contains multiple spinning platters. These platters contain data stored magnetically by the hard drive head


RAM means Random Access Memory, and is what your computer uses to store things that it is thinking about while it is on. When your computer turns off, everything in RAM goes away.

With so many options when it comes to getting a new computer, how can you be sure which is the best for you? If you need portability, a desktop is definitely out of the conversation, but if the computer is for home, a desktop should probably be your number one choice. Desktops offer a level of customization that simply cannot be challenged by laptops or tablets. The simplicity of upgrading the hardware of a desktop means that you can keep your system up to date without having to go out and buy an entirely new computer every year.

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