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Subscription Boxes Make the Best Last Minute Gifts

We’ve all been there… It’s the week before Christmas and you haven’t bought anything for your sister. Or anyone else on your shopping list for that matter. Oh, AND you have to ship some of these gifts. When you find them. Oh. My. Gosh. What do you do? Send the played out electronic gift card? […]

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Must-Have Tech Gifts of 2017

Do you have a gadget-addicted friend or family member on your holiday shopping list? Not sure what they’d love? We’ve compiled some of the hottest tech gifts and gadgets for this holiday season. You’re sure to find something for every type of gadget freak in your life. The Nintendo Switch The Nintendo Switch ($300 per […]

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Net Neutrality is Officially Dead

  On December 14th, the FCC officially overturned net neutrality protections. In spite of persistent outcry from those in the media, those in the tech industry, economists and everyday citizens, who asked – and often begged – the FCC to maintain the protections put in place under the Obama administration to protect the free internet, […]

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Connected Kitchen Gadgets: Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level

Drop connected smart kitchen scale

  Smart gadgets can make cooking and clean up in the kitchen a lot easier. From having recipes and cooking videos at your beck and call, to smart thermometers that alert you when the turkey’s done, make sure you spend more of this Thanksgiving with the family and less time in the kitchen with these […]

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Apps To Rule Your Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

  These days, there’s an app for (just about) everything. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, you’d best believe there are apps that will help you make the most of your holidays. Whether it’s shopping for food, cooking the perfect bird, or focusing on what you’re thankful for – there’s an app for that. 1. […]

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Essential College Tech

college tech

  As the summer draws to a close, college students are preparing to head back to campus. Before they leave, consider stocking them with some nifty gadgets and college tech to make their dorm life, commute, and study time easier. Portable Charger In today’s gadget-happy world, battery life is a key productivity indicator. And yet […]

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Family Organizer Tools To Stay Sane This School Year

family organizer

Keeping your home and family organized can be stressful. From school activities and assignments to sports, appointments and play-dates, adding kids to an already busy household is a recipe for chaos. Don’t despair! There are some great family organizer apps that can help you stay sane this school year. Calroo Family Organizer Available for iOS […]

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How to Spring Clean your Tech Properly!

There’s nothing we touch so frequently, but clean as seldom as our phones, keyboards and gadgets! Its time to Spring Clean your tech! The Nerds on Call are here with some great tips for safely cleaning your electronics and make sure that you do it the correct way! What are some common ‘myths’ about how […]

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How to Spot GoFundMe Scams

We’ve all heard the tragic story of 72 year of Grandpa Robert Godwin Sr who was shot in cold blood on Easter Sunday. The perpetrator, known as the Facebook Killer, posted the video of the killing on Facebook. Within 24 hours of this horrible incident, at least 35 FAKE GoFundMe accounts were established! The worst […]

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Nerds on the Radio: Nerdy Stuff and Online Security!

Ryan and Andrea stopped by KQMS in Redding, CA to talk about the new Star Wars and Thor Trailers, the Note s7’s battery problem, Windows Vista expiring, Microsoft Scams, and how Social Media allows you to connect to other people! Listen to the show and let us know what you think! What should we talk […]

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