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How to Spring Clean your Tech Properly!

There’s nothing we touch so frequently, but clean as seldom as our phones, keyboards and gadgets! Its time to Spring Clean your tech! The Nerds on Call are here with some great tips for safely cleaning your electronics and make sure that you do it the correct way! What are some common ‘myths’ about how […]

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How to Spot GoFundMe Scams

We’ve all heard the tragic story of 72 year of Grandpa Robert Godwin Sr who was shot in cold blood on Easter Sunday. The perpetrator, known as the Facebook Killer, posted the video of the killing on Facebook. Within 24 hours of this horrible incident, at least 35 FAKE GoFundMe accounts were established! The worst […]

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Nerds on the Radio: Nerdy Stuff and Online Security!

Ryan and Andrea stopped by KQMS in Redding, CA to talk about the new Star Wars and Thor Trailers, the Note s7’s battery problem, Windows Vista expiring, Microsoft Scams, and how Social Media allows you to connect to other people! Listen to the show and let us know what you think! What should we talk […]

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Ditch Cable, Keep Your Local Channels

If you’re itching to ditch your cable or satellite commitment, we are here to explain how to cut the cord without losing your local TV favorites. These days we all stream content using services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. With all of these you can catch movies and previous seasons of TV shows. […]

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New Facebook Features – Is Snapchat Worried?

Facebook recently rolled out a new set of SnapChat-like features, including “Stories.” We are here to show everyone why this vanishing daily video feature will get you sucked into back into Facebook. Great! How is this different from sharing a photo on Facebook? The idea is a story or conversation told in pictures, the story […]

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The Death of Internet Privacy

Last year the FCC passed a series of rules for how Internet Service Providers deal with their customers’ data, limiting their ability to track and sell information about customer’s online activity. On Tuesday March 28, 2017, the House passed S.J. Resolution 34, nullifying the FCC’s privacy rules. So let’s talk about what this means to […]

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Could Your Electronics Explode?

It’s not just Galaxy 7 batteries that are exploding. Earlier this year a California teen was charging his Dell Laptop on his couch when it exploded and then caught fire! Are your devices at risk? Well the bad news is… yes! But the good news is you can do a lot to reduce the risks! […]

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Nerds on the Radio: Dark Web and Online Security

Ryan and Andrea stopped by KQMS in Redding, CA to talk about the Dark Web. They covered how to get on the Dark Web, what’s for sale there and how to protect yourself from hackers. Hint: it’s the same advice we always give, Use Webroot, update your operating systems and use unique username and passwords […]

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Hands On With The Nintendo Switch

One of the most anticipated consoles in recent history, the hybrid handheld/console Nintendo Switch was released on Friday March 3rd at midnight. This is the follow up to their unsuccessful Wii U console. There has been a lot of hype around this, so we spent some time with it and have some insights for you […]

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Filter Politics from Your Facebook Feed

Believe it or not, Facebook was once a place where you could connect with family and friends living all around the world and receive updates on their day-to-day lives? You could see how their kids were doing in school and read about how much fun they had on their recent vacation. We shared goofy pics […]

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