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Is your business struggling to share files?

Nerds' Tech after setting up a business file sharing network for a small business

Nerds On Call can help with efficient, cost-effective solutions

As recently as a few years ago, small businesses faced a difficult bind when it came to file sharing services and large file transfer. Business file sharing enterprise solutions were typically designed for larger companies and priced to match. Quality small-scale solutions, on the other hand, simply didn’t exist. 

The result? Smaller companies were left out in the cold when it came to robust knowledge management. Smaller businesses were stuck with outmoded solutions, such as emails for file sharing and version control and flash drives and file compression software for large file transfers. 

Thankfully, a lot has changed. Today, business owners have a wide range of file sharing services to choose from, many of them designed from the ground up to offer affordable enterprise solutions for small to medium businesses. 

Significant challenges remain, however – specifically, selecting the right service, installing it correctly, and maintaining it over time. 

Nerds On Call file sharing services support

Our company can help you address those challenges. We can:

  • Help you prioritize your file sharing service needs and identify the right platform for your budget and work requirements. 
  • Install the file sharing service properly on your work computers, set up appropriate access permissions, and deliver training in how to perform key file sharing functions such as large file transfer, file naming conventions, version control, and collaboration.
  • Maintain your file sharing service, ensuring your data is backed up, that new staff members are trained to use the system, and that your digital assets are safe. 

To learn more about our file sharing service, you can call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.

Business file sharing  network that works.

Here’s how a file sharing service can support your business

Improved collaboration  

While file sharing services vary in features and basic setup, all these platforms work around the same basic premise: Centralized file storage on a secure cloud server. Centralized data is a game-changer. Instead of having dozens of duplicate files stored in different places across servers and hard drives, through a file sharing service, you can consolidate your digital assets into one central repository, sharing files seamlessly across remote and onsite teams.

Greater data security

A cloud-based file sharing service also offers greater file storage security. Reputable services are conscientiously compliant with a long list of cybersecurity best practices, making their platform – and the data you store within it – extremely secure from cyberattack. Moreover, file sharing services offer daily (in some cases even hourly) data backups that you can access at any time. And because your data is stored offsite on a secure server it’s safe from physical damage and theft. 

Large file transfer

Large file transfer can be a challenge for remote teams. Emails typically impose restrictive upload limits, physical file storage devices like thumb drives aren’t practical for remote teams, and working with non-enterprise large file transfer services is too slow and size-limited for anything but occasional use. A small-business focused file sharing service allows you to share files of any size swiftly and reliably.  

Remote maintenance

Another significant benefit of managing your data through a cloud-based file sharing service is that you can safely give access to a trusted technical support partner like Nerds On Call. This gives you access to a wide range of cost-effective remote technical support services, reducing your reliance on costly onsite IT consultants for technical support. 

Instant support

Subscribing to a file sharing service also gives you access to instant support should you encounter a technical issue requiring immediate resolution. Let’s say a newly onboarded staff person in your company needs to perform an urgent large file transfer for a big project on a tight deadline — but they don’t know how. If your company manages its digital assets through a file sharing service you could contact Nerds On Call for help. A member of our support team would log in to your system and guide your team member through the large file transfer process. 

Women review work documents because of her small business file sharing network.

Contact Nerds On Call to upgrade your business to a file sharing service

As little as ten years ago, a small or medium sized business could remain competitive and cyber-secure using basic file storage solutions. Those days have passed. The data demands on businesses today are intense. A cloud-based file sharing service equips your team with a suite of essential business data tools — including an online collaborative environment for remote teams, improved cybersecurity posture, large file transfer capability, remote maintenance, instant online support and more.  

Nerds On Call can help you implement a quality file-sharing service solution. We can guide you in selecting an appropriate service, install it to your devices, and then offer reliable remote and onsite technical support.

To learn more, call a sales representative at 1-800-919-6373. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.  

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Questions nerds often hear about Business File Sharing

What are the newest online scams?

To keep tabs on emerging threats, it’s a good idea to check out the US Federal Trade Commission’s Scam Alerts page.

How is a phishing scam different?

A phishing scam involves the theft of your data. A scammer will then use that information to steal your money or identity at a later date. If someone you don’t know asks for your sensitive data, it’s best to assume it’s a phishing scam attempt. If this happens, immediately end the conversation, close the offending email or exit the website. Don’t click on any links. Directly notify the bank or company the scammer claimed to represent.

Will anti-malware software keep me safe from online scams?

Anti-malware software is always a good idea, and good software will detect suspicious software on your machine. However, many online scams don’t involve software. Your best protection is to stay alert, use your common sense, and if in doubt ask someone you trust for advice.

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