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Blogging is an important aspect of digital marketing that is often not used to its full potential. By keeping an up-to-date blog, your company will always have valid content that customers can use as a resource. Blogging is also crucial for covering a wide range of keywords for SEO. By expanding the amount of blog content on your website, you can effectively reach a wider demographic of search engine users. Keeping fresh content on your website at all times is more likely to lead to conversations about your company. Website visitors may notice the latest blog post and find it interesting; they then share it with friends via email or social media, and your website has gained a follower that otherwise would never have come along. Blogging also allows companies to discuss topics that may be a little bit far from what people expect from them. If your company works in the brewing industry, you may be able to write a blog about food pairings with your beers. This food-related blog post could potentially attract new visitors that have never been interested in beer before, but are interested in food. Not only do blogs offer great SEO potential, but they can also be great, free PR opportunities. If you have written about a product or service in your blog, you can always try to reach out to whomever you featured in the hopes that they will link to your blog post on their website. Perhaps the greatest part of keeping a company blog is being able to define your companies story through the blog posts. Although all blogs do not need to have a consistent voice, it is always a good idea to develop a story behind the blog  and be able to tell readers why you and your company hold certain beliefs, thoughts, or insights.

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