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At Nerds On Call we want to make our prices simple and convenient. We've all seen it before. You bring your machine into a shop or have someone come out to look at your computer, they offer a low price to reel you in and before you know it there are a lot of extra charges piled on.  We want to be transparent with how we charge for our work, so you'll know right up front what the bill will be before we even begin.  We offer Flat Rate prices and Hourly Rates, you get to choose.  If you think the problem the computer is having is a quick fix, go with our low priced hourly rate.  If you think the computer is going to need a good cleaning, that could take hours, choose our Flat Rate Service.  If you hire us and a simple problem turns out bigger than you thought, you can always switch from Hourly to Flat Rate.  If you aren't sure what you'll need we'll give you all the information to make an informed decision. Our goal is to make a customer for life, give us a call and we'll be happy to find a way to work within your budget.


Here's what we promise:


When you’re paying by the hour, time suddenly becomes an important factor. If the tech runs into difficulties with the task, he’ll feel stressed to get the project completed quickly so you won’t have to pay for any additional time. Also, you don’t want to spend your time looking over the tech’s shoulder and glancing at your watch the entire time, do you? If our Hourly Rate for a job surpasses our Flat Rates, we'll switch you over so you won't run a big bill simply because it's taking longer than you thought it should.


With our Flat Rate prices we tell you exactly how much the task will cost before we perform it – regardless how long it takes for us to complete it. So, if we get the task done in 5 minutes or 5 hours, it still costs the same. In the traditional pay-per-hour plan, you get stuck with a bill for all the hours the tech spends working for you. Under that payment plan, if the tech estimates an hour and it turns out it took him 3 hours, he’ll bill you for all 3. That seems a little unfair, don’t you think? That's why make our pricing flexible. If it takes an hour, you only pay for that hour, if it takes 5 hours we'll switch you to our Flat Rate prices and save you a ton.


We have our Hourly Rates to keep the costs down for you when the job is going to be small, but if the job gets out of hand we stop the clock and switch you to our Flat Rate prices. it’s in our best interest to get done quickly so we can get to our next appointment, not run up time on the clock. Want to know the best part? Once we fix your computer we offer a service plan to keep the computer in tip top shape. Every Flat Rate service comes with 30days for free, so if a new problem pops up a week or two after we work on it, we'll fix it for free wether it was related to our original service or not!


Every computer is fixable, sometimes though, the cost to fix it outweighs the worth of the computer. If we get deep into a repair on your computer and you change your mind and want to buy a new computer, we'll apply every cent you paid us for the labor towards a new computer. We'll work with you to make sure you never regret trusting us with your computer. Our goal is to be your goto computer repair company.

*Flat Rates & Hourly Rates are for labor only, parts are available at an additional cost.

*Non-refundable charges may be incurred if troubleshooting or hardware diagnostics are needed, call for details.
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