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    iOS and Android are the two biggest mobile operating systems on the market today. Getting to know them can be a challenge. We try to write a number of articles that simplify both iOS and Android so that anyone can use them to get stuff done. Whether you want to set up security on your smartphone or you’re trying to solve a complicated problem, this is the page to come for advice on your iOS or Android device.

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  • Apps for Children with Special Needs
    Apps for Children with Special Needs

    For parents of children with special needs, it can be heartbreaking to feel that their child’s potential to communicate, learn, or participate in school activities is hindered by a disability. Touch-screen devices such as tablets can offer your children unique opportunities to learn and develop because they aren’t mired by such things as input devices […]

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  • Replace Phone Carriers with Apps
    Replace Phone Carriers with Apps

    When Facebook shelled out $16 billion for mobile messaging app WhatsApp in February, it had many Americans scratching their heads. “A texting app? Isn’t that what I use my cell plan for?” Web-based messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Voice, Skype and Facebook Messenger are used by a vast majority of texters worldwide, while those […]

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  • Share Secrets on New Social Network
    Share Secrets on New Social Network

    Secret is the latest social media site to garner buzz. It’s different from Facebook or Twitter because you post anonymously to a pool of people gathered from your contact list, or linked through a series of friends-of-friends. You may ponder, “How is it social to post anonymously?” The hot new app is a like a […]

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  • Wearable Tech
    Wearable Tech

    This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was crowded with wearable technology like smart watches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth jewelry. Google Glass is already in the hands of a few select early-adopters. Even those brands without a wearable device on the market, such as Apple and Microsoft, are rumored to have them in the works. Manufacturers believe […]

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  • Smartphone Fingerprint Security

    Apple’s iPhone 5S includes fingerprint scanning technology called Touch ID to unlock the phone and make purchases in iTunes. Some are calling it the key to the future of your Smartphone – a more secure way to authenticate mobile transactions and protect your data from theft if your phone is lost or stolen. Others are […]

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  • Chromebook 11 Announced
    Chromebook 11 Announced

    Google added to its collection of “Chromebooks” yesterday, with their announcement of the HP Chromebook 11. If you haven’t been following the search engine giant’s every move, they’ve already produced four Chromebooks and announced another three, including today’s 11-inch mini-laptop. The Chromebook 11 is produced by HP, like the HP Pavillion Chromebook and the upcoming […]

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  • Best App Sequels
    Best App Sequels

    From Mario Brothers to World of Warcraft, I’ve tackled my fair share of games in my day. It tickles me that now I can play a game on my hand-held device from anywhere, whether I am early for an appointment or waiting to pick up the kids from school. A few of my favorites have […]

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  • iOS 7 Reviewed
    iOS 7 Reviewed

    Last week Apple released iOS 7, an update that CEO Tim Cook called the biggest change to the platform since the iPhone was introduced. Available for free for every iPhone after the iPhone 4, the latest iPod Touch, the iPad 2 and later versions, and the iPad mini, millions will be seeing iOS 7 in […]

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  • Choose a Tablet – Part 2
    Choose a Tablet – Part 2

    Tablets are growing in popularity. Lightweight, ultra-portable and with a user-friendly and immersive touch-screen, it’s no wonder that more and more people are wondering if a tablet could replace their PC. Last week, I started to answer a reader’s inquiry about choosing a tablet for email, Internet, Facebook and reading books and magazines. This week, […]

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  • Choose a Tablet – Part 1
    Choose a Tablet – Part 1

    Last week, Christina P. sent me a great question about how to choose a tablet and what they do, an inquiry I receive regularly so I thought I’d share my reply in this two-part series: I am considering a tablet for Internet, Facebook and reading – books and magazines, but I don’t even own a smart […]

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  • Moto X Announced
    Moto X Announced

    Moto X Announced by Google There have been rumors around the internet for months concerning the “Moto X.” So what exactly is the big deal about this phone, which is the result of close collaboration between Google and Motorola? Today everyone finally got their answers at Motorola’s press conference during which they officially announced the […]

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  • Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Jellybean Announced
    Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Jellybean Announced

    Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Jellybean Announced If you’ve been considering getting a tablet but nothing has caught your eye yet, you might want to take a second look at Google’s Nexus 7, which just received a major update, along with its operating system, Android 4.3. Google today announced the release of updates to two […]

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  • iPhone Electrocution: Shocking News
    iPhone Electrocution: Shocking News

    Ryan Talks about iPhone Electrocution This week our very own Ryan Eldridge appeared on the Brandmeier show to talk about phones and electrocution. Read about the iPhone electrocution. Listen to the segment here: Transcript: Brandemeier: Andrea did a story that piqued my interest about this lady who was on her iPhone 5 while it was […]

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  • Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers
    Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers

    Android Vulnerability Patched Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, installed on three quarter of a billion devices. Having a master key to all of those would give a hacker near-total control in the mobile world. Fortunately, this doomsday scenario has been narrowly avoided. Bluebox Labs, a computer security company, recently […]

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  • Mobile Malware Explodes in 2013

    The numbers are out: McAfee‘s report on viruses in the first quarter of the year shows mobile malware, which exploded last year, is showing no signs of stopping. Smartphones, which just recently outnumbered “dumb phones” worldwide are increasingly becoming the targets of the same sorts of viruses and malware that we’ve worried about on our […]

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  • Google IO Conference Keynote Rolls out Amazing New Features
    Google IO Conference Keynote Rolls out Amazing New Features

    Google IO Conference Keynote Speech Reveals Amazing Tech Remember watching Star Trek, where the crew members could just speak to their computer and it would instantly know what they were referring to and provide them with that information? Well, nerds are ahead of schedule on developing that computer, and they work at Google. Google kicked […]

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  • Pay by Phone: Next big thing?
    Pay by Phone: Next big thing?

    Take the Next Step and Pay by Phone? If you’ve noticed offers at your gas station or grocery store to “pay with your phone,” you’ve seen what many claim is the future of how we’ll pay for goods and services: Near Field Communication, or NFC.  Whether you relish the idea of ditching your wallet in […]

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  • What is Siri, Really?
    What is Siri, Really?

    What is Siri? An Explanation Apple made headlines in December when it introduced Siri with the latest iteration of their iPhone, the 4S. Siri has been billed as an “intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done by just asking.” It’s a new feature to the phone and coming to the iPad that allows […]

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  • Mobile Security: Protecting your Phone
    Mobile Security: Protecting your Phone

    Mobile Security for your Android Phone Two Easy Steps to Protect Yourself Whether you’re one of the millions of Americans that already owns a mobile handheld device (like a Smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch), or you’re hoping Santa slips one under your tree this year, there’s something you likely haven’t put much thought towards: mobile […]

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  • Bring Your Own Device To Work
    Bring Your Own Device To Work

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Media Contact: Shawna Bell 1-800-919-6373 What You Need To Consider California, (December, 2012) – Now that almost half of all Americans own a Smartphone and roughly a quarter of all Americans own a tablet computer, it’s apparent that we are growing increasingly dependent on mobile handheld devices. Yet most companies haven’t […]

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  • Social Media Election Apps
    Social Media Election Apps

    Election apps that work like Social Media? Politics used to be an old man’s game. I mean, just look at the writers of the constitution. For years, it stayed that way. Then in the twenties, women got the right to vote and the game changed a little. But one of the last holdouts of the […]

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  • Comparison Shop Your Life

    Great Ways to Comparison Shop Online While all the money-saving forums suggest you take a look at your latte habit to trim a few dollars from your budget, it’s good to take stock of the things you pay for regularly to make sure you’re getting a fair shake. This includes everything from your prescription medication […]

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  • Apple iOS and Android New Targets of Malware
    Apple iOS and Android New Targets of Malware

    As computers become more prevalent, the viruses that prey on them increase as well. According to McAfee, a protection provider, malware is multiplying faster now than it ever has. In the last quarter alone, there have been 1.5 million more attacks than previously. With new technology, comes changes in the threats – botnets and ransomware […]

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  • iPhone 5 Rumors: “It’s almost here” Worth the Hype?

    iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup On September 12th, Apple is holding an event that announces “It’s almost here” and features a prominent iPhone 5. Many people have speculated on what this means, most coming to the conclusion that the computer giant is about to release the fifth iteration of their incredibly popular iPhone. If announced on […]

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  • Cyber Bullying Facts
    Cyber Bullying Facts

    Cyber Bullying: What is it? How do you prevent it? Some facts. In today’s schools you don’t see kids getting shoved in lockers or walking around with wedgies as much anymore. That’s not because kids are necessarily getting nicer – there are just more rules that really crack down on physical bullying in school. So […]

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  • Back to School: Homework Help

    Free Web Tools For Homework Help When I was in high school I kept meticulous notes. The piece de resistance in my collection of classroom organization was my prized weekly planner with calendar and task lists. At the end of every class I’d furiously scribble in my assignments and notes about what I needed to […]

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  • Back to School Deals

    Getting The Most Out of Back to School Deals Well, it’s time to send the kids back to school. It used to be so simple to buy back-to-school supplies. Buy a few blank notepads, a couple packs of pencils, and maybe a calculator and you were set to go. These days, it’s a little more […]

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  • Taking Your iPad Back to School
    Taking Your iPad Back to School

    Playing it Cool With The New iPad The new iPad is loaded with features and also has the highest quality screen available in a portable device. The new Retina display touch screen makes colors and resolution more vivid than ever, allowing for an even more amazing user experience than with previous generations of iPads. The […]

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  • Back to School Tablets: iPad vs. Laptop

    Which Students Should Get Back to School Tablets As parents everywhere prepare to send sons and daughters back to school, they want to arm them with the best possible resources. For many families, computers or tech gadgets are alongside clothes, pens and paper on the list of purchases to budget for. As tablets grow in […]

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  • How to Share Photos and Videos with Friends and Family.

    Share Photos and Videos Like A Nerd The opportunity to capture your adorable kidlet trying their first taste of lemon only comes along once. If you’re fast enough to capture that shot on your phone or camera, how do you share that priceless pucker with all your friends and family? There are so many ways […]

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  • Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook
    Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook

    Nexus 7 Google Takes on the Tablets This week Google went and set the tech world abuzz by announcing their new Nexus7 tablet, the result of a partnership with ASUS. Recent success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire has given Google hope that the small screen, inexpensive tablet market is one worth pursuing. Anyone who has considered […]

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  • Pinterest for Parents:Top Pinterest Pages for Parents
    Pinterest for Parents:Top Pinterest Pages for Parents

    Pinterest for Parents From adorable onesies to DIY crafts, Pinterest is full of great links for parents looking for ideas or guidance. Therein lies the rub: how can busy moms or dads narrow down the overwhelming sea of boards to find the ones that bring a little joy, peace, or motivation to their busy family? […]

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  • Small Business Computers: Buy This Not That!
    Small Business Computers: Buy This Not That!

    Small Business Computers: It’s Important to Spend Wisely According to a May 2012 report by the National Economic Council, there are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. employing 60 million Americans – roughly half of the private sector workforce. The balance between budgeting and productivity can be challenging to small firms, particularly those working […]

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  • How To: Set Up A Wireless Network

    Setup Your Wireless Network The Nerds’ Way These days, you need a wireless network to take full advantage of high-speed Internet, streaming TV, handheld electronics, gaming systems and even some appliances. But most users have no real understanding of how a wireless network works, or what to do when it drops a connection. This two-part […]

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  • Safe Online Shopping: 5 Tips You Need to Know!

    Safe Online Shopping: Don’t get scammed Whether you do your online shopping for Christmas, Back to School or just to restock your paper-towels NERDS want to make sure that you protect your personal information while finding the best deals out there. NERDS put together their top five tips to follow for safe online shopping. Safe […]

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  • 9 Tips for Hosting Captivating Video Calls
    9 Tips for Hosting Captivating Video Calls

    Make Your Skype and Google+ Video Calls Amazing! Advances in communications technology and Internet infrastructure have brought us to the place where video conferencing is more than a reality – it’s a necessity, for many businesses. Video calls are regularly used for internal meetings, sales presentations, and more. They enable a team to work together […]

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  • Can An iPad Replace A Laptop

    iPad vs. Laptop: Can an iPad replace a laptop? As the new school year approaches, the question I get asked most often is, “Should I buy a laptop or a tablet?” Apple’s Steve Jobs has asserted that we are living in a “post-PC world”. can an iPad replace a laptop? To test the theory, I […]

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  • Job Hunting Grads: Social Media Warning (With Infographic)
    Job Hunting Grads: Social Media Warning (With Infographic)

    Nerd Chick Adventures: Job Hunting Tips for Grads Once your little prodigy has diploma fast in hand, she may be eager to jump into “the real world,” and go job hunting online. When I was entering the workforce, this meant polishing up the resume and hitting the want ads. Yet in today’s socially connected internet […]

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  • Travel Tips: Best Apps for the Summer

    Travel Tips: Make your summer nerdier Summertime is all about fun under the sun and now this even includes apps for your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for show times at your local drive-in theater, recipes for a great backyard BBQ, or the best beaches to hit on your vacation to the coast, there’s an app […]

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  • Cyber Bullying: Protecting Your Kids Online
    Cyber Bullying: Protecting Your Kids Online

    How to protect against cyber bullying Nerd Chicks love a happy ending. Cliff hangers at the end of our favorite TV shows drive us nuts. After last weeks discussion of types of cyber bullying and the ways our kids are at risk, you may have been left thinking, ‘Ok, now that we’re sufficiently concerned, what’s […]

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  • How To Help Kids Deal With Social Media Cyber Bullying

    Cyber Bullying happens 24/7 From Facebook, to Twitter, to Foursquare, social media sites are everywhere and full of virtual land mines for our teens. They can quickly become a victim of cyber bullying. Anything they say can and may be used against them by a bully at school, a college admissions counselor or a future […]

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  • Want a New Computer? What You Need to Know Now!

    Everything you need to know about buying a new computer. Buying a new computer can be almost as stressful as buying a new car. How do you find the best fit for your needs without blowing your budget? If you sign on for all the bells and whistles, or have your heart set on a […]

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  • 4 Essential Tech Travel Tips
    4 Essential Tech Travel Tips

    You wouldn’t scuba dive without the right kind of gear, so don’t travel without these Tech Travel Tips! Whether you’re taking the kids to Disney World for the first time this summer, or making the yearly migration to Grandma’s house, there are many things you can do to help ensure that the trip a success.  […]

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  • Cyber bullying: What It’s All About
    Cyber bullying: What It’s All About

    Cyber Bullying – What the heck is it? As a computer repair company we feel a responsibility, not just to fix computers, but to also be a positive influence in the world of technology. These days we spend more of our lives online than ever before and our kids are certainly no exception. Parents and […]

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  • How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone
    How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone

    Android or iPhone? These tips will work for both. Are you on Pinterest? How about Facebook or Google + or even Reddit? Now ask yourself what makes these sites so engaging and fun to participate in? That’s right—we’re addicted making and sharing photographs. Back in the olden days of the late 1990s it used to […]

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  • Travel tips: Easy Prep To Avoid a Ruined Trip
    Travel tips: Easy Prep To Avoid a Ruined Trip

    Travel Tips: How To Not Ruin Your Vacation You may have a nifty waterproof case, but there’s more you can do to get the most out of your tech while you’re away from home. Before you head out on that much needed vacation, use our travel tips to prep your tech for the road. Sync […]

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  • Computer Repair: What to buy now that can save you later

    Computer repair savings, what to buy now, and what you can pass on. By: Andrea Eldridge CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and laptop repair service company. You don’t have to buy the latest, top-of-the-line option every time you shop for technology. I know I risk being shunned by the nerd community for saying […]

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  • 4 Time Saving Apps & Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

    This year, we have a renewed dedication to using technology to make my life easier. With precious few minutes to waste in the day, it seems like certain technological “advances” actually cause me to waste more time than they save. Here are some great resources to turn the tables and have your tech tools work […]

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  • Smartphone 101: Which Cellphone Should You Use?

    Confession: It took me a long time to abandon my old flip-phone. I had just gotten the hang of texting on it and I really didn’t want to shell out the extra 30 bucks a month for the data package.When I finally decided to make the switch, I chose an iPhone, but I have many […]

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  • How To Guide: Stress Free Gadget Set Up

    Online How to Guide: The easiest way to set up your Christmas Toys! Once the wrapping paper is piled in the corner and the toys have been wrestled from their packaging, you’ll realize that now you have to figure out how to get all your new gadgets and gizmos set up and configured. Talk about […]

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