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Nerds On CallBeginnings

It was a dark and stormy night… Just Kidding.
Our story begins in 2004. Ryan & Andrea Eldridge had moved from Orange County to Redding, California, leaving a successful company in search of some trees, mountains, and the occasional bear.
One day Andrea's mother called, frustrated and discouraged. Her computer wasn't working; could Ryan please come over and either fix it or kill it? A virus was wreaking havoc on her computer, and her sanity. Andrea's mother throwing her hands up in confuision
An epic battle ensued* Ryan slaying the Virus
After he cleaned up her problem, she turned to him and said,
Andrea's mother making a life-changing suggestion
Someone ought to start a company that sends people to your home to do this sort of thing! Kind of like a plumber for computers.
Ryan thinking over the idea

That was it, the inspirational moment that brought Nerds On Call to the world. If mom needs this service, there must be other moms out there in need of a house call. Shortly thereafter, the first Nerds advertisements hit the local papers. Cautiously optimistic, yet trying to remain practical, they put Andrea’s cell phone number on the first flyer so as to be always available. How could they have imagined how well received the service would be?

Within a few days, the buzz of this new service began to hit a fever pitch. Ryan was working from 7am to midnight everyday; Andrea had a phone attached to her ear so often, they were kind of afraid the radiation would turn her into a comic book villain.

"You’re welcome" to Verizon for the next two months of thousand dollar cell phone bills!

In a few short weeks, they began the hunt for qualified, friendly Nerd employees: technologically savvy enough to build a computer from spare parts in the basement, but still able to "speak english" instead of "techno babble" to those of us not versed in nerd lingo. Within a few months, their first office on Market Street in Redding was opened.

Over the next few years, Nerds on Call expanded its service area all over California. By the time Nerds On Call reached its 6th year anniversary, they had opened stores in Oregon and Washington. They developed a unique remote service department to help customers after their service with questions, problems, and tutoring on how to best use their newly tamed electronic friends. The Nerd family has grown, seeing the birth of many “nerds-in-training”, and establishing bonds with all of the communities they service. Nerds are happy to be available to those who need computer rescue, even if they ARE seen as a modern day plumber.

The Eldridge Family