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Internet Service Provider Selection

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Choosing an Internet Service Provider is an important decision. You'll have to commit to working with a particular company's throughput of the internet. With the issue over net neutrality, it's more important now than ever to support someone who supports you. What is Net Neutrality, you ask? Internet Service Providers pay a large amount of money to be connected to "the backbone of the internet." This is a very high-speed network that most traffic online passes through. It's very expensive to have a fast enough connection to access this. But once you've paid to connect to it, you can resell your connection. That's what internet service providers to. In cities like Sacramento, there are smaller routing stations that funnel the data to customers. All data on the internet can theoretically be accessed equally through these routing stations. But there are some opposed to this equal access. Internet Service Providers are interested in being able to treat this data differently. Just like you can be charged separately for cable programming, and individual shows, Internet Service Providers want to be able to make you pay more for certain services, like Netflix. Choosing an internet service provider that keeps your interests in mind is our aim here at Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento. If you want to talk with a qualified Nerd who can look out for your best, call us today and we'll talk!

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