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Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is a portable personal computer (PC). All of the computer components are housed within a folding shell

Editor's Note: Visit our latest computer repair Portland service page for our latest computer & laptop repair services. Working life in Portland just wouldn’t be the same without a trusty laptop. From the bus routes to the board rooms to the back yards, our laptops are always chugging away for us, churning out spreadsheets and presentations, typing memos and documents. Every once in a while, these little powerhouses get banged around, dropped, spilled on, or cracked. It simply just happens when you bring something fragile with you wherever you are, no matter how cautious you try to be. Most of the time we can ignore the little scratches and dents that come with everyday use, but sometimes something more serious goes wrong, like a cracked screen or broken power port.   That’s where we come in, here at Nerds On Call. When you need your laptop repaired, we’re here for you right in Portland. Whether you’re using your trusty Apple Macbook or work with a Dell, Toshiba, Acer, or Asus, we have experience fixing whatever problem you’re encountering. We can fix broken screens, batteries, keyboards and hard drives. We can repair any laptop. It doesn’t matter what problem you’re dealing with – just talk to us and we’ll let you know what it will take. Seriously, our estimates always have been and always will be free. If your problem simply can’t be fixed, we won’t charge you for any work we’ve done. Our priority is to get you back where you need to be, and if you’re not there, it would be wrong of us to charge you.   So pick up the phone or click the chat icon below to find out how you can get your laptop repaired right here in Portland!

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Questions nerds often hear about Laptop Repair Portland

  • Why is my laptop so hot?

    Laptops get hot when the fans can't keep up with what the computer is trying to do. This can be because of dust, an old laptop, or malware.

  • Why does my laptop randomly shut off?

    Random shutdowns can be caused by memory corruption, malware, or just old age