Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair Portland

There are a lot of misconceptions of what RAM does. Most people think “computer memory” is the hard drive. RAM is more like the short term memory in your computer. Here’s how it works. You ask for a piece of information, say a photos of your kids at the lake…

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Macbook Protection Software

It’s great to have a Macbook. I’m sure you’re more than familiar than that. They don’t slow down; they don’t get viruses…or do they? Kind of. Over a half a million Macbooks actually get infected with some sort of malware every year. Sometimes it’s a virus, other time’s it’s malware or spyware. These attacks occur in places with higher concentrations of computers, such as Portland, where a high percentage of people own personal computers, especially Macbooks.

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Macbook Software Troubleshooting

We love our Macbooks in Portland – they’re a part of our everyday lives. And we love the software that we can use on it. Sure, PC people might hold it over our heads that we can’t play games, but let’s be honest – Macbooks can do everything else. But with this variety of software and functionality available on the Macbook, there sometimes comes problems with those programs. That’s when you need to get your software repaired.

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MacBook Hardware Repair Portland

If you’re among the elite group that has decided to stick with Apple products because they “just work,” you know full well the frustration that comes every time that they release a new product. First world problems to be sure, but those products aren’t just going to buy themselves! On one hand (the more responsible one), new Apple products cost a lot of money, but on the other hand, you were commuting through Portland one day and accidentally broke a piece of hardware that you can’t repair yourself and you should really get a new Macbook. On the third hand, there are no more hands.

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Power Jack Repair Portland

Oh no! Your power jack on your laptop broke! What do you do now?

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Macbook Tuneup Portland

Why would you need tune-up on your Macbook? We know, it seems absurd to have this page here. Well, it seems absurd to exist, but that’s another point entirely. However, the point remains that somewhere, someone wants tune-up on their Macbook. So what’s that all about? Don’t Macs “just work?” Surely Macs are much simpler – just go to your Portland computer store, buy one, and start using it?

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USB / Headphone Jack Repair

Our Portland techs have heard a lot of stores, but the other day they came across one that surprised even then. A woman came in with her laptop. Both the USB ports and the headphone jack were completely blown out and needed repair, but the rest of the computer worked just fine. They asked her what happened.

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MacBook Operating System Updates Portland

If you use a Mac, you’re already pretty familiar with Apple’s naming conventions for their operating systems. Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, etc. Noticing a trend? Yeah, we nerds can get pretty silly. But what do all these big cats mean?

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Home Theater Selection

Don’t you love the idea of having a home theater set up? You could listen to music, watch movies, stream content from your computer, and do just about anything entertainment-related in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is head down to your Portland electronics store and…

Get bombarded with dozens of employees making commission.

And try and decipher all the difficult tech language. What do those acronyms even mean? Why do I need a tweeter? I already have a bird.

Selecting a home theater isn’t quite as easy as it may sound – but don’t let that stop you from living your dream! All you need to do is find someone who knows the terminology. Well, you know that one guy, but he recently moved to Seattle. What you need is someone in Portland who knows all that nerdy stuff. How about a Nerd?

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Surround Sound and Speaker Setup Portland

Sometimes you’re just in the mood to watch a movie – and listen to it as well. It’s great to be in a theater where the sound just surrounds you and envelops you in the experience, but it always seems to be ruined by that one couple that brought their kid to the movie. So you want to be able to have that experience at home, but your speakers are…well…lacking. Did you know that you can get surround sound right at home in Portland?

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