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IDrive Computer File Backup Service & Storage

Nerds on Call has partnered with industry leader IDrive to protect your files, photos, and videos: Get 5TB of Cloud Storage for just $8/mo or 50% off your first year!

Get IDrive – or contact us and one of our Nerds will set up data backup for you.

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Don’t trust your photos, videos, or files to a hard drive that can fail.

Get 5TB of Cloud Storage for just $8 a month 50% off your first year!

Recover Lost Data

Don’t lose sleep worrying about data loss. Data recovery is fast and simple.

Safe and Secure

Protect your files with military-grade AES encryption

No Auto Deletes

IDrive account will not delete your backup files unless you say so.

Let's get your files backed-up.

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IDrive Online Backup & Storage Service

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Nothing makes a dead computer worse than also losing your files, photos, and videos.

There’s no better way to protect your data than with a cloud-based online data backup. Hard drives can fail, even external backup drives, thumb drives, and flash data sticks. That’s why Nerds On Call has partnered with industry leader, IDrive, to ensure that your data is protected and available to you anytime and anywhere you need it. 

IDrive is a cloud backup and storage service offering the easiest way to protect your data.

It keeps your files safe, backups are fast, and your data is stored on a fully encrypted remote server.

For less than $8 a month, you get up to 5 TB of cloud storage protected with military-grade AES encryption and an optional private key. IDrive even offers point-in-time recovery to restore lost files whenever you need them.

Safe, Cloud-Based, Online Backup For Your Computer

IDrive Secures your date by: 

  • Automatically recognizing the modified parts of files and backing them up
  • Accessing files backed up from PCs and Macs – even files synced from connected devices
  • Allowing you to search and restore files from the desktop application or via any browser
  • No data is deleted from your IDrive online account until you manually delete it
  • Activity reports, backup status reports, and share reports all keep you up to date to ensure you know right away if iDrive encounters an error.
  • Perform file-level backup to secure your entire computer, and restore it back to a previous point in the event of a disaster

Get 5TB of Cloud Storage for just $8/mo or 50% off your first year!

Learn more about IDrive here – or contact us, and one of our Nerds will set it up for you.