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Introducing the Nintendo Switch

Last night, Nintendo held a press event to show off their latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, expected to hit shelves in March. It was first previewed in October and there were not a lot of details prior to last night. Well now we have more information and we are just so excited! (NERD ALERT!) […]

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Buy This, Not That! Kids Version

When it seems like your kids know more about technology than you do, picking the perfect gadget to gift is tough. We are going to go over 4 top gift ideas for this holiday season, which may help you decide from the huge array of options available! A hot tech gift this year is the […]

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iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup

Apple fans are waiting with baited breath for the big announcement on September 7 2016 – a new iPhone and Apple Watch and maybe even updates to the laptop line. We assume the iPhone will be called the iPhone 7, but given the recent decision to change OS X to Mac OS, anything is possible […]

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Introducing the Xbox One S

Just three years after the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has released a new console – the XBox One S. So what’s new I hear you asking! Right out of the box, it’s significantly smaller and comes with an integrated power supply, no more brick! One of the key new features is the 4K […]

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Father’s Day Tech Essentials

What better way to show dad you love him than by giving him a cool new gadget to tinker with? Nerds on Call here to give you some great tech gift ideas for Father’s Day.    

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Road Trip Tech – Kids Edition

Road trips used to involve hours playing “name that tune” with the kids whining, “are we there yet?” These days, the kids are watching movies on a tablet, adults are reading digital magazines or listening to audiobooks and everyone’s plugged in. Nerds on Call wants to offer you some must-have apps and gadgets for your […]

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Tech to Keep You Safe on the Road

More than 90 people die in car accidents in the United States every day. Many of which are the result of driving unsafely, distracted driving or under the influence of alcohol. Distraction was reported as a factor in nearly 1 and 5 of car accidents in which someone was injured. Statistics show that you are […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Tech

  Spring has sprung, and if you’re just now gearing up to tackle your spring cleaning to-do list, Nerds on Call is here to make sure you don’t neglect your gadgets. After all, what else do you touch so often and clean so seldom? That precursory wipe you give your smartphone with the hem of […]

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Review of Oleg at Nerds On Call

Sirs/Madams: Excellent Work Over the past two weeks, your staff spent many hours helping Patricia and me get our PC’s Email working after I had let the domain lapse. Once renewed, your staff provided support to our needs. In fact, Oleg, cleaned out substantial malware that had crept onto my computer. I appreciate all the […]

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Review of Jeff at Nerds On Call

RE: Mr. Jeff Jackson We are writing this letter to commend the exceptional work and customer service we have received from Mr. Jeff Jackson. We do not know him personally and have dealt with your wonderful company and employees for over two years. We are very pleased with your company’s all over service, however, we […]

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