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Easy DIY Computer Upgrades

These days, everything about computers is getting smaller, lighter and more portable. People are migrating from desktops to laptops, laptops to tablets, and tablets to smartphones. But before you ditch that tower in favor of some feather light replacement, take a moment to consider some of the advantages of a traditional desktop and consider implementing […]

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Goodbye Windows Essentials

Bye Windows Essentials

Microsoft have now completely dropped their support for Windows Essentials 2012, this includes the popular Windows Live Mail 2012 program. The DeltaSync protocol was discontinued back in June 2016 but users have been able to use Windows Live Mail by using IMAP or POP in place of Microsoft’s protocol. So What Now? Time for a […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Tech

    Spring has sprung, and if you’re just now gearing up to tackle your spring cleaning to-do list, Nerds on Call is here to make sure you don’t neglect your gadgets. After all, what else do you touch so often and clean so seldom? That precursory wipe you give your smartphone with the hem […]

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Laptop Vs Desktop: Maintenance and Upgrades

When it comes to computers, everything is becoming smaller and lighter in order to increase portability.  The downsizing of computers continues to spark the laptop vs. desktop debate.  Before you decide to get rid of your old desktop altogether in favor of a tablet or laptop, consider some of the advantages of using a desktop, […]

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Live Online Help Resources

The Internet provides a wealth of resources to find information, but sometimes you need a little one-on-one assistance for a specific question. Launched in November, Google Helpouts joins a host of online resources, including Just Answer, and eHow Now, that connect people who have questions to experts in a multitude of fields. Here’s how to […]

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Nextdoor – Facebook for Neighborhoods?

If you live in a Nerdy Neighborhood, you might want to check out the newest web service that’s making a buzz. It’s called “Nextdoor,” and it’s a social network for neighborhoods. Users can advertise garage sales, post community messages, and connect with others in their area. It’s been described as a “Craigslist and LinkedIn hybrid.” […]

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Speed up Windows – Software Alternatives

“My computer is so blazingly fast I can hardly keep up with it!” – said no one, ever. The complaint I hear voiced most often by people calling to have their computer serviced is that their system is sluggish, slow to boot up and unresponsive. While the usual culprits (viruses and spyware) often factor in, […]

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Speed Up Mac Computers with Software Alternatives

Apple fans may claim that Macs have a blissfully symbiotic relationship between software and hardware, but the truth is that some of the applications that come standard (or are very common) on Macs could be improved upon. Here are some alternatives to Mac’s most ditch-able software. Last week I highlighted iTunes as a program Windows […]

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The ZeroAccess Rootkit Trojan

The ZeroAccess Rootkit Trojan is the latest rootkit virus to gain widespread infiltration into a huge number of computers. While traditional viruses attempt to infect and destroy as many computers in their path before they’re stopped by anti-virus software, rootkits aim to keep your system working but under the control of an outside party. They […]

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Never Worry About Losing Those (not-quite) Smart Devices Again

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. This means that one tenth of laptops ever bought are either stolen are lost, usually along with all the data on it. Only three percent make it back to their owners. And 70 million smartphones are stolen every year – seven percent of these are recovered. Considering that […]

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