How Your Computer Can Help With Thanksgiving Party Planning

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There are certain things that seem to sneak up on me over and over. Dentist appointments (who remembers an appointment they made six months ago?), flu season (I think my aversion to shots makes me resist this one), and daylight savings are always here before I expect them. I really have no excuse for the fact that Thanksgiving can be included in this list. How is it that, despite the fact that I host every year, I still find myself two days before the holiday with no turkey, no table extension, and no grocery list? This year I’92m vowing to plan ahead for my Thanksgiving get together and the internet is here to help me’85 us.

A List Of Thanksgiving Party Planning Resources:

The selection of great Thanksgiving planning resources is actually a bit overwhelming. I found that Better Homes and Gardens‘a0and Epicurious‘a0both offer a great one-stop site for all your party planning needs. The Better Homes and Gardens site includes ideas for table settings, crafts, decorations, and centerpieces, as well as a step-by-step guide to cook a turkey. Epicurious has a great planning guide, including an essential equipment checklist, suggestions for wines to pair with your turkey and tips to transform your home and table into a Fall Festival. Find how-to videos on everything from napkin folding to decorating and party planning from Clinton Kelly of TLC’92s ’93What Not to Wear.’94 Check out the planning checklist‘a0for great tips and reminders to guide you from six weeks ahead of time to Turkey Day. There are also some great Thanksgiving party ideas at Party411, including ideas for unique get-togethers like Turkey Bowl, First Thanksgiving, and Day-After-Thanksgiving Leftovers Potluck. The only drawback is that the site ties in heavily with their sale of personalized invites, decorations, and paper products so while the ideas are great it can sometimes feel a bit heavy-handed on the sales pitch.

In my research for great party planning resources, I stumbled upon a concept that has eluded me for years: a Thanksgiving Potluck. Goodness gracious, why didn’92t anyone tell me about this when I was brining that Turkey in the sink at 3am last year? Apparently it’92s pretty common, and Sign-Up Genius ( offers a great resource to help you plan and organize one. If you’92ve ever created an eVite for a party, it’92s very similar in format. You build a sign-up sheet, the website sends out email invites, and then everyone gets email reminders of what they signed up to bring. You can keep tabs on your sign-up sheet to see who’s bringing what and who still needs to RSVP.

One of the parts of Thanksgiving that I find most overwhelming is getting the recipes compiled into grocery lists. I can never get away with just one shopping trip for all my ingredients and supplies, and I inevitably discover I’92ve missed something on Thanksgiving Day. This year I’92m going to be thankful I have a Smartphone because Grocery IQ‘a0is sure to save my sanity. An intuitive shopping list that you can create and manage from your computer or Smartphone, you can use your phone’92s camera to scan barcodes of specific items as you run low on them so you get the exact item and brand you want. Create lists for each store you frequent, quickly adding from your saved favorites, or add new items with the auto-suggest function. Lists can be sorted by aisle to get you in and out of the store quickly and coupons are automatically suggested for your items from Even better, it’92s free and the mobile app is supported by iPhone and Android. Lists can be updated and synched across multiple devices, so your husband won’t come back from the store with the wrong brand of pumpkin pie filling.

If Thanksgiving planning has you considering faking amnesia, drop us a note on Facebook ( or email us at [email protected] for more Turkey Day planning resources.