Tech to Keep You Safe on the Road

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Video Transcript

Cody: Okay, prepare yourself because one of these, I think might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.

Ryan: Okay, so there’s about 6 million car accidents a year here in the United States and in fact the U.S. Census Bureau estimates around 10 million accidents a year and the interesting thing is, if you look at distracted driving, one in three people text while driving. You know when you’re driving on the road and you are kind of look over and go why is that person not driving all crazy and see that and looking at their phone, you just want to go, you son of a…get off your phone! Well they’re 23 times more likely to get in an accident when you are texting while driving and one in five crashes say distraction was a factor in the crash especially when there was an injury. So, here’s some cool things you can get, we were just talking about this off air, this is one of the coolest things ever, if you have a kid or if you have a company where you got people in a car, you need this. It’s called self-control. It is $129 here is the coolest part, I’m gonna slip over here, it is a little gadget you put on your wind shield and it is solar power and it is cool, you put a little app on the phone for android or iOS and it will know if you are passenger or whether you are a driver and it turns off all the stuff that would distract you. So it turns off your text messages and turns off your cellphone data, you can still use GPS, but it will turn off all that stuff and if somebody sends you text while you are driving it says “I’m driving right now, I can’t respond.”

Cody: I have got a feeling that could be put in cars in the future automatically when you buy it.

Ryan: $129 and it will save your teenagers life? I would put this in every car. 


Ryan: Right now I’ve got a 7 year old so I don’t have to worry. But this is 100% something I would need.

Cody: You’ve got bigger problems if your 7 year old’s driving.

Ryan: Now, if you’ve got an android phone, this also works. You don’t have any gadgets or anything. This just essentially notices how fast the phone is moving and it will turn off everything.

Cody: Okay.

Ryan: So, it doesn’t really work for passengers, but this is pretty cool because it will send alerts. You can set up like little perimeters on the map and so if your teenager will go outside the map area, it will send you an alert if they go too fast, it will send you an alert. All kinds of really cool stuff so you can kind of pay attention to what’s going on. It works best for android because iOS unfortunately doesn’t allow these apps to get into the guts of the phone.

Cody: Oh, I see. Okay.

Ryan: So, it works best on android no so great on iPhone. Here’s the other thing, let’s say drinking and driving. We know that’s a terrible thing right. So 40% of all fatalities have some sort of alcohol relation. Right?

Cody: Right.

Ryan: So, here’s really cool. This is a breathalyzer for your phone!

Cody: No way.

Ryan: So, let’s say you’re out having fun, you are like I just don’t know. Should I get behind the wheel I’m not 100% sure. You breathe into this, it will tell you exactly what your blood alcohol content is. It will also give you an estimate of when you’re most likely going to be able to drive again. So, you got to go oh I need to just hang out for 3 hours and I should be okay. Here is the thing though if you think you’re impaired, just don’t do it.

Cody: Don’t do it.

Ryan: This is kind of a fun little gadget, but really if you think you got trouble just trust me, you probably got troubles. So, just don’t do it. This has got a great – it has a connection right to Uber. So, if you’re kind of like oh just, oh my gosh, you can just click and order an Uber right there and you go home and (inaudible). 
This is last one, it’s called the automatic. This is a car adapter. This is pretty cool because if you get an car accident, this will tell you all of the diagnostics, like what went wrong, it will automatically alert the authorities.

Cody: This would be like your black box on a plane.

Ryan: Yeah, there is a little box in your car, where you can kind of plug it into the fuse box, that is what this gadget does. And it will alert the authorities if you get in a car accident. If you are non-responsive, it notices no movement in the car at all, it will immediately call the ambulance and it’ll call three of your contacts and kind of say “hey something is wrong,” and it will kind of decode those annoying engine codes. Ken was just talking about his car it’s got a weird engine thing, this will tell you exactly what it is on the phone and you know what’s wrong with your car so you can run, it saves some diagnostic money. So, it is kind of cool.

Cody: That is very cool. All those are great, man.

Ryan: That one’s called automatic.

Cody: I like it, I like it. Good to see you man.

Ryan: Hey, good to see you. 

Cody: I appreciate it it, appreciate it.

More than 90 people die in car accidents in the United States every day. Many of which are the result of driving unsafely, distracted driving or under the influence of alcohol. Distraction was reported as a factor in nearly 1 and 5 of car accidents in which someone was injured. Statistics show that you are 23 times more likely to crash while texting and driving, yet 1 out of 3 Americans still do it. Here are a few tips on how technology is aiming to help us reduce these statistics, and make our roads a safer place to be.

  1. Cellcontrol Drive ID

    Remove the temptation – from yourself, and from your teen. Drive ID attaches to your vehicle’s windshield, senses vehicle motion and disables your phone from texting, email, playing app games and most any other thing on your phone that will distract you from driving safely. You can fully customize which apps and functions can be used when the car is in motion, such as GPS and Maps. Cellcontrol can also determine when the phone is in the hand of a passenger to allow them to use their phones freely while riding in your vehicle. Drive ID also sends an auto-reply to received texts “I’m driving right now…” so parents don’t have to worry when your teen isn’t immediately replying to your texts. Drive ID is solar powered, and connects to your devices via Bluetooth technology. It is always on, and nothing has to be done to start the service prior to driving. Drive ID is great for families with driving teens, as well as companies that have employee drivers. Notifications can be configured if the vehicle exceeds your predetermined acceptable speeds.
    Cellcontrol Drive ID
    $129 with no monthly service fee

  2. The Canary Project App

    The Canary Project App is a free app for both iOS and Android phones that parents can install on their teen’s phone to receive an instant alert if their teen is texting, tweeting or talking on the phone while driving, however on the iOS version a parent is notified when the phone unlocks while the vehicle is in motion. As with Drive ID, parents can also configure the app to determine appropriate speeds and receive an alert if speeds are exceeded. Parents can also outline a perimeter map and receive alerts if your teen goes outside of that safe area. It also comes with an emergency button to send immediate alerts when there is an emergency.  With the Canary Project App, parents can know where their teens vehicle is at all times. Caregivers of elderly drivers could also benefit from this app’s functionality.
    The Canary Project
    Free on Google Play and iOS App Store


  4. BACtrack Mobile Pro Breathalyzer

    Here is another scary statistic: Alcohol is the leading cause of accidents that result in death. 40% of vehicle fatalities are a result of alcohol. BACtrack Mobile Pro is taking aim at bringing awareness to your BAC to help you make better decisions about whether or not you should be driving according to your alcohol consumption. BACtrack is a breathalyzer that attaches to your smartphone with an app, and not only tells you how drunk you are, but will also give you an estimate of when your BAC will return to 0.00%. BACtrack uses police-grade technology for the most accurate results. Nerds on Call advises that if you feel even the slightest bit impaired, call a cab or get an Uber driver to take you home as accuracy and results may vary.
    BACtrack Mobile Pro Smartphone Breathalyzer

  5. Automatic

    Automatic is a fantastic product that includes hardware that attaches to your vehicle’s diagnostic port and an app for your smartphone. The hardware communicates with your phone and provides all kinds of information about your car such as: diagnostics information, parked vehicle locator and emergency crash response. Automatic will store information in the cloud about every trip you take in your vehicle. In terms of safety, the major value here is that in the case you are actually in a serious accident, a real person will call you and alert the local authorities and loved ones. Automatic has a Do Not Disturb mode that can disable your keyboard and turn off texts and phone alerts on your Android device when your vehicle is in motion to prevent you from driving while distracted. Automatic is truly a great product that finally connects your vehicle.

About The Author: Andrea Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses. Andrea is the writer of a weekly column, Nerd Chick Adventures in The Record Searchlight. She prepares TV segments for and appears regularly on CBS, CW and FOX on shows such as Good Day Sacramento, More Good Day Portland, and CBS 13 News, offering viewers technology and lifestyle tips. See Andrea in action at