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Julissa: Welcome back to “Good Day Sacramento”. My dear friend Ryan… although… from Nerds On Call. Ryan, I’m having a hard time now looking at you seriously now that I know that you dance in that chicken costume like in Facebook . Okay, I got that out. Okay so it is Amazon Prime Day, right, and this is like a national holiday, right? Big deals, right, to be had. It’s like bigger deals than Black Friday.

Ryan: Yeah. It is Black Friday, but it’s… I don’t know. What is today, Tuesday?

Julissa: Today is Tuesday, yeah.

Ryan: Yeah something like that. But anyway, anyway check this out. So Prime Day, it is basically just everything’s on sale at And it’s kind of a cool thing because as you see these things go on sale, you’ll start seeing them quickly tick off and they’ll go away. So they’re almost all limited quantities unless it’s very specific stuff. So let’s…

Julissa: I’m not a Prime deal membership person. Do I get to get…?

Ryan: Oh I got deals for you.

Julissa: Okay. Okay perfect.

Ryan: Deals.

Julissa: All right.

Ryan: Check this out. So first you could start a free 30-day trial.

Julissa: You can start that today?

Ryan: Start that right now and then boom. You get access to all of the stuff . But let’s say you’re a student. Boom, check that out. Six month trial. I don’t know how they’re asking you to prove that, but I don’t know. I’d stretch the truth a little bit there. So also if you’re an Amazon Prime student, it’s only $49 bucks for a whole year. So you get six months for free and then $49 bucks. How cool is that?

Julissa: Okay, all right.

Ryan: All right. So now let’s get to if you just wanna buy one… let’s say if you had a trial before and they won’t give it to you again because they’re stingy that way, you can just do it for $10.99. Boom. Just one month of Prime.

Julissa: Just one month?

Ryan: That’s it.

Julissa: Oh. That’s cool.

Ryan: You will save that on your first purchase.

Julissa: Yeah, absolutely.

Ryan: Now there’s also kind of a cool thing. If you go and rent like an Amazon movie or something like that, they’ll give you a $10 credit. Costs you 99 cents. That’s it. How cool is that? Okay. So check out the kind of deals you’re gonna be able to get. Anything from your Echo’s, to rice cookers, and as you can see there’s a little…

Julissa: No this is an Instant Po… oh, but this is an Instant Pot. This is all the rage right now.

Ryan: Yeah I have one of these. I love this thing.

Julissa: I’ve been wanting to try one of those, okay?

Ryan: Well come over. We’ll check it out. But see look. There’s timers on all of these things.

Julissa: Oh, okay.

Ryan: Now one of the things that you gotta remember is with this timer, when it runs out it’s gone. You can’t get it again. But here’s a little-known fact. You can return things to Amazon.

Julissa: Yes.

Ryan: Then you’ll…they’ll literally…you print out a little U.S. label, toss it in the mail and you’re done.

Julissa: It is so easy.

Ryan: So if you see a deal you want, buy it. Just buy it.

Julissa: Yes. Just buy it.

Ryan: Worst-case scenario, you sell it on Amazon.

Julissa: Okay. Okay.

Ryan: So here…this is your $10 that you can get for Prime Day so you can get that 99 cents. This is at They wrote a whole article that is like how to get super strategic about this. So if you wanna get really crazy, this’ll tell you how to get super crazy. It’s Ign, and then just look at Amazon Prime Day Guide.

Julissa: Okay. We’re gonna link all of these websites to our website, right? So if you wanna get in on this…I’m gonna go get that membership right now.

Ryan: Yeah. do it.

Julissa: But you are sticking around. In the next hour, it’s summertime, if your kiddos are getting a little too comfy on the couch, we got gadgets to get em off the couch, right?

Ryan: Yes. And in fact we’re gonna dance in studio, I got my little son coming and my wife’s coming. They’re not gonna be in chicken outfits, but we’re gonna do some dancing.

Julissa: I love it.

Ryan: It’s gonna be awesome.

Julissa: All right. We’re gonna get up and dance. All right back over to you.

Bethany: Sounds great. Okay thank you.I know. Boy people on Amazon are going nuts today. Thanks you guys. A new spot…

Who’d have thought that a random day in July would offer epic online deals from Amazon? Today is Amazon Prime Day and bargains rival Black Friday. Here’s all you need to know.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Today, July 11th is the 3rd annual Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime members can score great deals all day, but deals typically only last for a few hours (even less if an item sells out).

If you see something you want, you have to act fast!

What if I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime?

1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial:

2. Students that have never signed up for a Prime membership are eligible for a free 6-month trial. If you’ve already used up your trial, you can still get 50% off Prime membership – only $49/year.



3. Even if you’ve used up your trial and aren’t eligible for the student pricing, you can get by for less than $100: Amazon offers 1 month of Prime for only $10.99.

This can let you participate in Prime Day without shelling out the full year’s subscription. And you could recoup that in a single good deal.

Where do I find Deals?

1. Check the Amazon Prime page:

2. Follow IGN Deals on Twitter at @IGNDeals for the best values updated throughout the day.



3. If you have an Alexa-enabled device like an Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV or Fire tablet, ask Alexa “Alexa, what are your deals?” There will be exclusive, Alexa-only deals throughout the day and you’ll get a $10 credit on your first Alexa deal order.

4. Get $10 off your first Amazon Prime Now order (placed by July 11) with the code 10PRIMEDAY. This is the Amazon store that ships same-day (you’ll typically get your stuff within 2 hours).

As a bonus, you’ll get $10 off your next Prime Now order (placed July 13-July 31).

Just download the Amazon Prime Now app and see what’s available near you.

What kinds of deals can I expect?

Expect deals on Alexa-enabled devices like Echo, Fire tablets and more.

There are typically great deals on Kindles.

Also, there are some smokin’ deals to be had on TVs, just be wary of scant detail deals where you’re expected to purchase a large ticket

item with no brand or details.

Great deals on subscription plans:

1. New subscribers can get 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $.99

2. Great deals on Audible memberships. New subscribers can get 40% off their first 6 months and existing members can save as well.
Finally, expect plenty of gimmicky deals (last year was rife with knick knacks and weird niche items like giant gummy bears).



Not all deals are winners, by far. Avoid impulse buys!

Happy bargain hunting!

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