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Power Supply Repair Sacramento

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The power supply in your computer is a lot like any other, much larger power supply, like the various power plants providing electricity to Sacramento. They take power from the source (either the outlet or coal/wind/caged hamsters) and turn it into usable electricity. Your power supply does this by converting from your wall’s power into the power that your motherboard can use. Think AC/DC – not the band. Many power supplies that are used in off-the-shelf computers have cut some corners along the way. Either it provides too much power and just drains money from your wall/bank account or it provides too little, which can cause your fans to slow and your circuits to work overtime, leading to overheating. At this point your power supply really needs to be either repaired or replaced. It’s not the most fun task on earth, but it’s a relatively simple one for someone who knows what they’re doing and it certainly is much cheaper than replacing the entire computer if it is damaged by heat. Here at Nerds On Call in Sacramento, we can save you the hassle of trying to replace the complicated electrical box by yourself. Our knowledgeable techs can come to your house anywhere in Sacramento, evaluate your problem (for free of course) and replace your power supply. The power supplies we use are much more durable than the stock ones that tend to come in computers. It’s really a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but it boils down to more reliable, energy-efficient power that keeps your computer running the way it should, not the way it was built. So if you need your power supply looked at and possibly replaced, give us a call! We’ll be happy to come out and research your problem and install a new power supply if need be! Click the chat icon below or call us to get started!

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