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Mac Hardware Repair Sacramento

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Apple rolls out tons of new projects every year – new iMacs, iPods, iPhones, and many more shiny new products. Every year, people spend hours if not days waiting in the middle of Sacramento just to get the newest and best. Now given, they’re all wonderful devices and they have plenty of new features, all of which make our lives a lot easier. The only problem is that buying every product that Apple rolls out can get pretty expensive. Technology does progress, and sometimes that old MacBook that you bought a few years back doesn’t quite work as well with the newest version of OS X. So you’re loath to buy an entirely new computer. It will cost a lot of money, and you’ll have to go through the pain of transferring all your data. So why not upgrade or repair your old Mac computer’s hardware and keep on rolling the way you’ve always done? Here at Nerds On Call in Sacramento, we’re ready and equipped to keep you up to date. Whether your motherboard is having issues, or your screen is cracked, we can repair your Mac. If you need upgrades – we do that too. Computers tend to get slower as technology gets better, and a quick RAM upgrade is usually the best solution to that problem. We’re qualified to install new memory in your computer to keep it running as fast as possible for as long as you need it. So if you need your Mac upgraded or repaired by local techs right here in Sacramento, let our Nerds know! We’d be more than happy to fix those problems for you. Give us a call or click the chat icon below to get started!

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