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Apple Macbook Repair Sacramento

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I have a friend with an Apple Macbook. She’s not from Sacramento, but I think the story is relevant. She asked me the other day why the CD drive in her computer wasn’t working. She said that it would almost complete burning a CD of music for her to listen to in her car, but then it would fail at the end. Maybe that sounds familiar? Anyway, I asked her a few questions about the problem, and poked around a little on the computer. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. Then as I was handing it back, I noticed a dent on the screen lid. I asked her what it was. She blushed and said that she might have dropped it once. As it turned out, she had dropped it pretty hard once – obviously enough to make a dent that ran the entire length of the cover. I concluded that the laser inside the CD drive had probably had a component bent or broken in the drop that caused the problem. The moral of the story is this is not that MacBooks are always in need of repair. In fact, they’re some of the more durable laptops out there. They can fall victim to accidents – no one’s perfect.  More often than not, problems with Macs are of this nature. The operating system is pretty solid but one day you’re out commuting through Sacramento and you bump into a wall or a door hits your bag the wrong way and it shakes something loose. That can suck if it causes you to lose functionality of some part of your laptop, like my friend’s CD burner. Fortunately, Nerds On Call would love to help you repair that. Macs take a certain level of skill and expertise to fix – they’re much more tightly-knit than PCs. If you’re here in Sacramento and would like to get your broken MacBook fixed, give us a call or use the live chat below!

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